Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello Friends,

May Day, may day!!! I forgot today was already May 1st...the beginning of our Blog Me Maybe Blogfest. Doh. *blushes*

Perhaps it is because I live in Lola-La-La-Land...

Lola LaLa Land


no deadlines in Lola-Land

I get distracted by all the lovely shiny things...like new books...

BITTERBLUE is FINALLY in my hands!

And summer weather in spring... 


Which makes Lola in Lola-Land very...


Lola is about to be DISTRACTED!
*is distracted*

What was I talking about again?
Oh yeah, how I get distracted by all the marvelous and splendid things in this world, and forget all about things I'm supposed to do. Like silly blog posts.

Did I tell you that my sweet husband bought be one of these for my birthday?

And I can't stop typing little stories on her. (truth)

(some of the little typed stories have made their way to a few of you...because you deserved them for being so kind to me and my birthday.)

And, also, I've been distracted in my drafting cave, as  some of you know. 

So, in conclusion, I shall leave you with this on this first day of May:

Please, tell me, how have you been? What's been distracting YOU lately?



Laura Marcella said...

Sunshine and rainbows!! That's how it is in Laura Land, too! :)

Hope everything is going well with you, Lola!

JEM said...

LOLA! I love your picture posts. I read better with pictures :). How are you? I've maybe been in a writing cave of revisions and writing and distracting life (damn you life!) myself.

M.J. Fifield said...

My copy of Bitterblue won't be in my hands until this evening. But I can't wait to read it...

Elodie said...

Well..those are very valid distractions and you still managed to post with them :D plus those pictures are just...charming :D (wonder which one I am talking about!)

Crystal Collier said...

Ah... I need to borrow a few of those distractions. =) AND speaking of distraction, how did I miss the blogfest announcement? (Oh yeah, I've been neglecting the blog-o-sphere...) *ducking for flying fruit*

Julie said...

I love your posts. They always make me smile, which means I've been smiling less since you've been away. But I am just as guilty of surrendering to the writing flow and ignoring everything else. Glad to see your post and I LOVE Anne of Green Gables (every single book, well the Walter bits almost required meds, but still big love).

Oh, and in case you don't know, I'm going to self pub my YA fantasy in June, so if you have a chance, check on my book trailer on my blog. And did you have to mention Bitterblue... I'm too busy to read right now!!! Argh!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Well, you know what's distracting me. And i actually forgot just HOW distracting it actually is. Sigh.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I'm all for rainbows and sunshine. If you have extra...please package them and send them my way. I will pay for the shipping.

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow! Look at your lovely pink manual typewriter!! Awww it's adorable!!!! I'm super distracted by your pink typewriter!! Yay!! Hello lovely Lola!! Take care

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Cute post! Did you actually get a pink typewriter?

Lola Sharp said...

YES, I really did get a vintage pink ROYAL typewriter! I've been wanting one for a while now. (they're expensive...in good working shape they're around $500 and up) After some well timed major hinting at the husband, voila! I got one for my birthday. :)

Thanks everyone, for stopping by.

Dana said...

I just found your blog through the Blog Me MAYbe challenge, but I can tell I'm going to like it around here!

I want one of those typewriters! Maybe I'll have to tell hubby about them... :)

Kelly Polark said...

I always love your photos, Lola!

Happy May Day! That typewriter is awesome. I've always loved the clickety click of typewriters.

Katy Upperman said...

This is awesome, Lola! Especially loving that rainbow water slide and the adorable typewriter. I'm just a *tiny* bit jealous that you own one!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh how rad. I love that water slide!


Jemi Fraser said...

Love that typewriter! And I recognized Anne's voice before I'd gone 5 words!!

My editing has been very distracting to me - but it's on an upswing right now, so I'm going with it!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Love the quote. Lucky you to have Bitterblue. I'm waiting for the library to get it in. I've already reserved it.

Gretchen said...

The typewriter makes me happy. Well ok, lots of stuff about this post makes me happy. Lately finals have been distracting me. :( but they're almost over YEAH!!!

Alison Miller said...

What's distracting me? Um...that picture. HOT.

I'm knee deep in my revision cave too. I would actually like to just seal myself in so I can finish. Silly responsibilities.

Happy May Day!

Meredith said...

What a beautiful little typewriter! That's such a sweet present. I'm stuck in the revision cave, but I'm distracted in the most wonderful way by friends and family and this gorgeous spring weather! Good luck with drafting!

twentysomethingfictionwriter said...

haha! I love this post. I get distracted too. I can't drive long trips because I'll end up in a ditch because of all the pretty things in the world :D Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you as well!

Cambria Dillon said...

Pink typewriter! Tiny stories! WIN!!!

Jeff King said...

working out of town and dealing with the bad economy... not to mention the fuel prices... but life goes on.

sure missed you, thx for checking up on me.

Lori Ann Stephens said...

Nice to meet you, Lola. I'm on the MAYbe fest, too. Heavy emphasis on the maybe. My Blog

Riv Re said...

I've been completely distracted by my latest guilty pleasure--X-Men: Evolution. I don't know why.
I've also just been distracted by the need to fulfill my lifelong-as-of-this-moment dream of moving to Happy Way.
I LOVE the typewriter! So cute!
I love the layout of this post, by the way. So organized and easy!

~Riv Re
Riv Reads

Viktoria Bruce said...

*totally distracted by the eye-candy provided*

Great post & cute typewriter!

Vix @ http://ttoria.blogspot.com

Jessica Love said...

I love it when you blog!

James Garcia Jr. said...

Very sweet post, Lola! It was definitely well worth the wait! It sounds like life has been treating you well. Me, too, although the day job keeps me very busy. When it all comes down to it, however, everybody in the Garcia house is healthy and happy, and that's really all that matters. Right?
Take care.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Adorable post, as usual!

I've been very focused lately...I finished my first draft of my first full length novel. So excited, but am taking a couple days off before I start revisions.

So I'm reading blogs and cleaning my office to occupy the time I was spending with my story.

alexia said...

Happy May! I get distracted by life in general. And naps. And procrastination. And definitely that hot guy from True Blood!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

EVERYTHING has been distracting me.

Oh my gosh I saw the cutest baby bunny on my lawn this morning. I sat there for minutes just watching it. Completely forgot to go inside and use the bathroom.

Anyway, I digress...happy May day (belatedly). My mom always used to make me take flowers from her garden to my teachers on May Day. I didn't mind so much. They always liked it and I got to smell the lilacs all the way to school. But let me tell you, not fun to balance a buncy of cups full of water and lilacs along with my backpack on a school bus.

Irene said...

I stumbled upon this post and it made me smile. BIG time. Thank you :-).

city said...

thanks for sharing.

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