Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Bits of Randomness

1) I've been working on revisions of novel #3 and will be spotty around the interwebs the next few weeks as I finish polishing it to hand off to my brilliant CPs. 

2) I  have a shiny new header and pages/tabs above (courtesy of Carolyn) (didn't she do a lovely job?!), but the pages are empty. I'll be working on them, too, over the next few days. Still tinkering, with the help of friends, as I'm technologically challenged. (aren't our blogs always a work in progress?) (I need to learn HTML) (that's never gonna happen) (I hate using the word 'never') (but perhaps in this case it will work some kind of reverse psychology magic on me thus insuring I actually make the time to learn it) (please, who am I kidding?) 

3) We're getting pummeled with snow here in NJ. This should put me in a cozy writing zone, but the Kid and Husband are home due to massive storm. Thus, I *might* treat myself and go the lazy route, flop on the couch and have me a viewing marathon watching this:

I love Captain Tightpants
Or maybe this:
I also love Mick
4) It appears I'm in the mood to watch shows that only lasted one season. But, in both cases, I am of the opinion that those TV execs should be flayed.

5) There were some pretty raunchy images for 'flayed'. I spared you, dear friends. 

6) I am apparently the place blog awards go to die. It's not that I'm ungrateful, for I truly am honored. I am just ridiculously busy and behind on everything. 

But here are links to some of the generous and thoughtful writer friends who have recently awarded me, please give them a visit:

I owe a few more people, but I'll do them in my next post. 

7) Remember over the summer when my daughter brought home this bony, sickly, scrawny stray kitten?

Well, she's a 6-month-old fat lazy cow of a cat now and looks like this:

8) Did you know that when a book is open the right page is called a recto and the left page (or flip side of the recto) is called the verso? Rectos are always odd-numbered, versos always even-numbered. 

9) ♡ you. I'm so grateful to be a writer in this century, where I have access to all of you. Thanks for being in my life. 

10) Please tell me how your writing is going. What's new with you?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

♪The Impossible Task ♫

 Insane silly little panda that I am, I signed up to support my friend Alex's Top 10 Songs Blogfest. What was I thinking?? 
I suppose I  was thinking (<--first sign of trouble) that I like Alex and I LOVE music, so easy squeezy lemon freezy, right? 
Why why WHY would I do this to myself? Creating a list of only 10 songs...or even 10 bands/artists is sending me into the crazed cuckoo-nest-zone...somebody bring on the shock equipment. *twitch* 

I mean, 'best songs' depend on mood, time and place, activity...what I like to drive to may be different than what I like to listen to while eating or dancing or making love or writing or...

  One cannot take or make a top list of songs lightly. It's Sophie's Choice up in here!

Oh, the pressure.

There have been a lot of truly brilliant songs, inspired albums, gifted artists, musicians and song writers. 
To narrow things down a little and save some of my meager sanity, I've decided not to allow any classical or instrumental jazz music into my list. 

But still, I'm losing my shizz. 

Thus, I am going to cheat a teensy tiny bit. (It's either that or I shall perish. Please forgive me) 

Behold Lola's The Impossibly Incomplete Top *mumbles number more than 10* Music Artists/Bands:

  10-ish) David Bowie 
  10-b) Bob Marley
   9) The Clash 
   8) The Kinks
   7) Led Zeppelin 
   6) Nine Inch Nails (Trent is one whacky genius and 'Hurt" is one of my favorite songs EVER.  Even J. Cash loved it enough to record it)
   6b) Jeff Buckley
   5) Patti Smith 
   4) The Rolling Stones
   3) The Police
   2) Radiohead
   2b) Jay-Z
   2c) Nirvana
   2d) Peter Gabriel (In Your Eyes still makes me swoon)
   1) Depeche Mode

Honorable Mentions: U2, The Cure, Tom Waits, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Soundgarden, Modest Mouse, Talking Heads, Incubus, MCR, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Etta, BB King, ACDC, Run DMC, Kanye, Eric Clapton, Queen, Cheap Trick, Rush, the Smiths, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Zero7, Regina Spektor, Gaga ...I could go on FOREVER.

The 'soundtrack' to the movie Once by Glen Hansard and Marketa Inglova is haunting and lovely and will stand the test of time. 

What music do you love? Do you write to music?

Okay, don't forget to wang chung tonight under your umbrella ella ella eh eh eh. Also, if you met her in a club down in old SoHo, it wasn't me. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Under the Weeping Willow

When I was a young girl I used to sneak away, follow a winding deer trail through the redwoods, to a meadow that held a single, large weeping willow tree. That tree, that magical meadow was often the only solace and comfort I had as a child. A place where no screaming, no belts, no welts lived, only the sound of earth and trees and peace. Often I brought a book and an orange to the meadow but sometimes there was no time to grab such luxuries.

What I remember most about lying under her canopy was not crying about my less than ideal life circumstances, but loving the sense of this place, the joy, the smell, the colors and dappled light, its ethereal beauty, tucked into the redwood mountains. The weeping willow stood all alone, thoughtful, swaying her branches like a hula skirt. 

I spent countless hours with 'my' willow, reading, dreaming or writing in my battered journal I kept in a tin stashed in a nook of her trunk. 
I would write of the eccentric old "cat lady" in town, who had no money and lived in someone's garage. She had one ratty house dress and a pair of too big man shoes worn thin. But every penny she could scrape together she would buy cans of cat food and stack them in her rusty wire cart she'd pull with gnarled arthritic hands. She'd hobble, bent over her twisty legs, 4 blocks twice a day, every day no matter the weather, and feed those feral cats. I thought she and her scrawny cats were beautiful. I would save my pennies too and give them to her. She always rewarded me with her perfect toothless smile.

I would lie for hours in the grass, there by the willow tree, looking up at the sky, and be completely undone, unable to comprehend, to fathom that the sky went on forever. Infinite, I was told. But, I would think, it 
has to end somewhere. I would stare up into the blue and imagine a white wall somewhere WAY out there. But, what would be on the other side of the wall? More sky. 
But, it has to end somewhere. FOREVER sky just could not exist in my mind. I would go round and round with that for hours.

Much the same way I do now with trying to comprehend that there are people who scam people out of their hard earned retirement money running ponzi schemes. There are heinous people neglecting and  hurting children and the elderly. War and greed and sickness. Racism and prejudices. Why why why?

What I learned lying by the willow tree is there also exists luminous beauty and love and kindness in this world. While cruelty and greed may go on forever, so too does the sky and generosity, goodness, love.

It starts with us. With me. And you. Doing what is right, not worrying about what is popular, or profitable, or even safe... but what is right.

My childhood was often painful, but I smelled the earth and felt the peace and safety a willow tree offered. She was my personal 'giving tree' and I loved her. The Broken People did not break me. The wind did not break the willow's branches. Homelessness and an aged broken body did not stop an old lady from giving to hungry cats. We bend, we live crooked and find a way to love and give anyway.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

✩ Dreams ✩

Happy New Year, friends! 

I've been offline, celebrating with local friends and family...

and I've missed you. How are you? I hope your holidays were joyful. Happy 2011!

I love a bright and shiny new year, don't you? 

They feel plump with potential, ready for extraordinary,


spectacular things to's almost like opening a treasure box.

What adventures await inside the box, the new year?  Where will '11 take us? 

Magical places?

Will your journey bring fairies?

A new year.  Anything can happen.

You have to believe in your dreams...

spend time with your dreams...and words...and ideas.

But I believe hard work brings the most magic.

You have to live fearlessly. Know what you want. Work hard. And chase those dreams down.

Don't let fear stop you from living the life you truly want to live. I KNOW the publishing industry can be crushing and rife with insecurities, but if this is your passion you must live it fully...

enjoy the process and lessons... believe in yourself, your talents, your individuality, your dreams.

 So, I'd like to share with you my wishes...

and dreams...

for 2011. For you. For me. 

I wish...

for everyone to take time for more champagne picnics!

And to eat MORE CUPCAKES and listen to more music! (or whatever makes you and your loved ones happy)

I dream of not being worried that I'm too old to wear my hair and make-up like this:

I'll NEVER be too old for these beauties if I skip the socks, right? 'Cause, srsly, I can run like a badass ninja in heels.

Anyway, I digress.

No one, NO ONE is ever too old to swing. Swinging is like flying. I hope you take time to swing in '11.

I dream of more traveling. Always. My wanderlust is legendary...and impulsive. 

I dream of writing my way across Europe, the world.

My last dream...

my biggest dream for 2011...

Is for ALL OF YOU to have love and joy this year, to reach YOUR writing goals and... 

Believe in Your Dreams.
Because I believe in YOU.

So let's kick some spectacular ass in '11. You with me? (I'm doing it in cute pink heels, yo. And barefoot. I like barefoot, too.)

I know I haven't been around the blogosphere since just before Christmas, but I'll be visiting all of you this week. I'm looking forward to it.

What are YOUR dreams for this year?
Are YOU attending any writer's conferences this year? If so, which? 
(and if they're on the east coast, especially the NYC area, let me know..maybe we can meet up.)
Talk to me.


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