Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of the Month Wrap, Yo.

 To ALL my friends who finished their Nano-Journey I wish you a heartfelt CONGRATS!!  *tosses confetti and throws streamers* *Pops cork* Pop! *Pours* *clink*

Even if you didn't 'win' but gave it your best daily effort, I deem it a win.

If you learned more about your writing process and who you are as a writer, I think you should claim it a huge success.

I am blessed to have talented, loving, brilliant CPs. CPs that love words and art and music as much as I do. A day does not pass without my feeling grateful for them...and for YOU. 

I know this sounds trite, if not sappy, but it's true. I'm grateful for you. For writers and musicians and artists everywhere.

So, as you may know, four of my CPs decided to do Nano with me this year (and plenty of YOU, too!). 

All 5 of us went BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard) and won.  

To all the Nano "Winners" everywhere ...CHEERS!

If you kicked some Word-Count or Revision Ass...


PLEASE, though, take lots of time to revise and polish your manuscript and have quality CPs critique your work before you even think about querying it.

(if you haven't seen this clip, make sure you aren't drinking or eating anything while watching. Prepare to laugh until you cry. The horror.)

"I'm going to get my gun now." So funny. 

Sharing my Favorite Nov. Read/ Quickie Review: 

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly 

Jennifer's prose style is lovely. The MCs love of music made my heart sing, even while it was breaking for her.
I won't even go into the amount of painstaking research Jennifer must have done to write this book, because it makes me feel like a slacker.
I'm in love with Jennifer Donnelly's writing and this book. 

Oh, and I'd like to thank Catherine Bell at CBWriter for being my 600th friend! Please give her a visit and say hello, congratulate her on winning Nano.

Thanks to all of you for being in my life and allowing me to be in yours. 

So, how was your November? 
How is YOUR writing/revising/editing going?
Read any beautiful books lately that make you feel like you should just hang it up? (Please, do tell.)


Monday, November 22, 2010


Add books to this list, please.

My Thankful (for) List:

1) Kindness and love in all its forms
2) My gorgeous, smart, healthy daughter
3) My gorgeous, smart, healthy husband
4) Our furry, 4-legged family members
5) Our pretty home full of love and yummy food
6) Books, talented writers and book stores. Oh, the magic...

7) The internet--it makes research so much easier. And, it brought me YOU.
8) Music and art and secret gardens
9) Delicious food...coffee and chocolate cake, especially
10) Lazy movie-marathon days with my family in our PJs all day 

I'm thankful for many, many things, and for that, I am thankful.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I hope you have much to be thankful for and that you know I am thankful for YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and I finished my Nano-wip Friday and spent the weekend with my family DOING things, like going to see HP7 (twas good) and playing. Huzzah!

Now, back to revisions. *sigh*

What are YOU thankful for?
What's the best book you've read this year?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Are You? I Miss You. (and other stuff)

Hi Friends,

1) I've missed you. How are you? Tell me. Please. I miss you, terribly.

2) I've been absorbed into my Nano-WiP. I was behind but I rallied all ninja-like with a few stellar word-count days this week...and I managed to pull myself forward and into the 40s as of today. (see our sidebar fancy Nano-word-count-race-o-matic-o-meter thingy) 

3) My sweet and dear friend, Carol (@ Carol's Prints)

is having yet another AWESOME book/ARC giveaway! Hurry, scurry on over there and enter! 
If you aren't already following her, by some impossibly impossible, teensy-tiny chance, she is warm, kind, funny, generous and one of the most thoughtful, loving people I know. So, do yourself a favor, and go meet her. 

4) When I look at the rat and his little teddy bear above, it always make me think of this:

5) For those of you doing Nano this year, how's it going?

6) Several of my CPs are doing nano with me (again, see sidebar, race-o-meter)  and I'm proud to say that they've all been kicking my butt most of the month and we are ALL on track to 'win'. I feel blessed to have such delightful, talented friends and CPs. 

7) One of them, the lovely Portia, 'wrote' this song for me   yesterday...ya know, as a Procrastination Technique (she called it 'goofing off') (I don't think I need to give you the melody):

I met her on a blog on the Internet
Where you go to goof around
When you can’t find the words to meet your Goal-a
Your writing

She walked up to me and she asked me to crit
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice
She said Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola, L-L-Lola

Well, I'm not the world's most wordsmithy-gal
But when she asked me to critique I couldn’t say no
Oh my Lola, L-L-Lola

L-L-Lola, L-L-Lola
Lola, L-L-Lola, L-L-Lola

8) She's probably gonna kill me for sharing it here. ;)

9) Before she kills me, I want to tell ALL OF YOU who visit and comment here, how thankful I am for you. You all inspire me in a million little and not-so-little ways. THANK YOU.

10) I know how busy life is and how many millions of marvelous blogs and books are out there, so I truly am honored that you take the time to visit me. Again, thank you. I promise to write a proper post soon...and to visit you!!

How are you?


Edited to add: CONGRATS to Patti Smith!! (and Robert and Betsy, too.) For the love of art, friendship, music and the printed, tangible page full of meaningful prose...I salute you! 

The miracle IS love. Indeed.
'Just Kids' 
Winner of 2010
National Book Award

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

John, I'm Only Dancing...

Like many of you, I'm in the throes of Nanowrimo. 

("Debbie" missed the boat a little bit by not showing mugs of the fuel of life on her desk above...)

Yeah. So, I've been a poor excuse of a blogger or bloggy friend for a while now. Last couple of months I was sequestered in revisions and now I'm all freaky with a new WiP doing Nano.

(I miss you.)

So, Nano. Usually I'm a very fast first-drafter (and a painfully SLOW reviser), but this WiP is based on something I know NOTHING about. Something that must be accurate and well researched prior to writing about it. I had not done any research prior to Nov. 1st., thus, friends, I'm having to research as I write. 
I do not like it. Not one bit. I do not like it, it sucks sh!t. 
(that's me waxing poetic just for you, friends.)

Hence, my word count is (s)low. 

BUT,  miracle of miracles... (cue beam of light coming down from heavenly clouds, rainbows and angels singing)  

(actually my heaven/angels look more like this...)

(can you hear the angels singing?)
(also, my heaven has lots of this...)
Now you can really cue the angels!

(okay, really heaven is wherever my husband is...holding chocolate cake)

 Where was I? Oh yeah, right, the miracle. 

I have a title for this WiP! 
I had a title by the end of the first sentence of Ch. 1.  It's a Festivus Miracle I tell you. 

Anyway, I apologize for not stopping by to say hello. I feel like the worst friend.

So tell me, please...

How is YOUR writing going? 
Any big (or little) news?
Are you sad/shocked that Nathan has left agenting? (I am.)
What's happening in your world?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where I (sometimes) Write and Other Stuff...Randomized

Good Monday morning,

1) I JUST woke up. I have eye boogies still, but I did go grab my life source--> coffee. 

2) Unlike some of you, I do not/did not begin Nano at midnight...but I was up late. After the trick or treaters/candy giving gig, we watched the PBS Sherlock Holmes (in the 21st century) (SO good!) Then I read until the wee hours.

3) Now I MUST write this post, because I am committed to my good friend (and she's one of my CPs...I'll love her and squeeze her and never let her go) Summer's 'Show Your Writing Space' BlogFest. 

So here's the thing...I have a laptop.  
I write all over the place/anywhere/everywhere: our couch, the lawn chair out back, my bed.

And, I have my very own pretty office with a big wrap around desk and bookshelves in the room next to our master bedroom.

But I NEVER write in there. 

Therefore, it would be a lie to cheat and show you my lovely, decorated office. 

The truth is 75% of my writing gets done in an ugly spare bedroom. The only room in the house I've not decorated. I'm embarrassed to show it to you, but aside from my bed at night, it's where most of my writing magic really happens. So...you get the ugly truth:
It's not even a desk...it's a card table. *sigh*
Note the pizza delivery menu on the white board.

Yes, that's Schroeder as the Phantom...and my devil horn barrettes. But
do you also see Sarah's (Falen) business card (the pretty skull)
and Sara McClung's gorgeous card?
The felt zombies book is where I'm getting the 'recipes'  and inspiration to make my special stuffed felt zombies...that I'll be giving away as prizes to my bloggy friends soon. 

On top of that little stack of books is the gorgeous leather journal Sarah A. (Falen) gave me.
And the colorful card with birdies up against the side of the bookcase is the sweetest note from Sara McClung...and she also sent me the bright pink little Moleskine journal for no reason...except she's sweet.
Thank you Sarah and Sara. *hugs*

Yeah, I like hangin' with my homies.
And, yes, my Magic 8-Ball is always right.

4) Speaking of yummy friends named Sara:

The lovely and delightful Sara B. Larson is having a CONTEST to celebrate 200+ followers.

 One of the prize choices is a 10 page critique...but ALL of the choices include Swedish chocolate! You will love her and her blog, so please go visit her, enter, and tell her I say hello, give her *hugs* from me.

5) Susan Fields is also having a terrific contest...she's giving away her top 5 favorite books on writing!

6) For all my Nano-Buddies (no, I haven't even opened a doc for nano-project yet...but as soon as I hit publish on this post I will eat breakfast, refill the coffee mug, crawl into the above cave, open up a shiny new word.doc and let 'er rip!)     (Oh, crap...I lie!)    (I will visit the blogfest peeps and THEN commence the Nano-action)...I leave you with this:

Have a fabulous day, friends!

PS~ I slapped this puppy up fast, so , as per usual, please excuse the typos and nonsensical nature of this post. (and I really need to pee, so I rushed!) (TMI?)

May your pen be mighty

May your pen be mighty

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