Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Release Date Celebration!...and Other Stuff

I'm popping my head out of my revision cave for a very special occasion...

It's Release Day for our friend Alex Cavanaugh's debut CassaStar!

It's getting great reviews! 
Go buy it (I did!):

  • Amazon

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Books-a-Million

  • Check out his slick, badass book trailer:

    I will be doing an interview with Alex here on Thursday (22nd)...find out about his writing process, how he found his publisher and so much more.

    Please go stop in at his blog and wish him a big happy release day! 
    CONGRATS ALEX!!! ✩♡✩

    In other news, the Halloween Party was a blast...here are a few photos:

    Dude, Frankie could dance! Not kidding. He worked that dance floor.

    That is one ugly Wednesday!
    Fester had a light bulb that worked...but somehow I didn't get a single shot with it. :(

    Okay, I have loads more pictures from the party, but won't bore you with more of them. I just chose these at random (actually, they were the first shots taken, early in the night, so the first downloaded), these weren't the best costumes by a long shot. There were SO many incredible costumes. Sadly, I didn't get a single shot of husband/faux Poe! *pouts* (but I think others did and hopefully will email them to me.)

    (also, I think I have somehow turned into the most parenthetical blogger on the planet. WTF?)

    Again, CONGRATS Alex!!! ✩♡✩



    Lisa_Gibson said...

    What fun pics! I'll be sure to go wish Alex congrats on the release. :) Thanks.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

    Carolyn V. said...

    Congrats Alex!!!

    Your pictures are awesome! It looks like so much fun. =)

    Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

    That frankenstein is awesome

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats to Alex, and thanks for sharing your party pics!

    Hannah Kincade said...

    Seriously, I'm moving down the block from you so I can come to your parties and quote movies with you. Seriously.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

    Thanks, Lola! Great pictures and I'll see you Friday the 22nd.

    Mary said...

    Loved the pics. Wish you had one with te light bulb.

    Pat Tillett said...

    congrats to Alex (i already read the book), the book is great!

    great pics from the costume party!
    Clowns are evil...

    Kittie Howard said...

    Fun pics at a fun party! Thanks for sharing. And congrats to Alex!!

    Old Kitty said...

    Oh which one are you??? Are you here in these pics?!?!?!

    What brilliant costumes and you say there are better still to come!??! WOW!! Can't wait to see!!

    Yay for Alex!!!! Go Alex!! Take care

    Melissa said...

    What amazing costumes! Wow.

    Also, I am loving the blog love for CassaStar!

    Shelley Sly said...

    Congrats again to Alex; I already stopped by his blog. :)

    What fun pics! I'm with Old Kitty -- are there any pics of you, darlin?

    Thanks for posting!

    Sondrae Bennett said...

    Congrats to Alex! I think it's great you're supporting him with his new release.

    P.S. I love the name of your blog. When I saw it on someone's sidebar I had to come check it out!

    Eric W. Trant said...

    Fun-looking party.

    And congratulations to Alex!

    - Eric

    Renae said...

    Congrats to Alex!!!

    And love the pics!

    Jemi Fraser said...

    I'm so excited for Alex! He deserves this :)

    Love your Halloween pics! So much fun :)

    Sara B. Larson said...

    Looks like a great party! And congrats to Alex! :)

    Susan Tiner said...

    What fun Lola! Do your characters also speak parenthetically or is that your own quirk? It's funny how we all develop our own writing style. I love yours.

    Kittie Howard said...

    After my computer settings bruhaha, I'm getting back into the routine so returned to your super blog (love those red shoes!)...wasn't sure you'd check comments on the previous post so thought I'd drop lots of hugs and smiles that you finish your work soonest. We're not going anywhere.

    Loved your fabulous decorations, especially the framed photo on the piano...you've got a great sense of humor...

    And thanks for your sweet comment...I love coming here as well...Kittie

    The Words Crafter said...

    LOVE the costumes! Looking forward to the interview, too!

    ~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

    Yay Alex!!! And Lola, that was the best Uncle Fester I've seen since the real deal. What a perfect costume for that guy! Loved these pics; wish I'd been there. Looks like a hoot!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

    Jeff King said...

    great pics... i'll give it a look.

    Jo Schaffer said...

    Yay Alex!

    And I love Halloween. My hubs makes the best costumes evah.

    Ellie said...

    I just noticed your Bowie picture - I love David Bowie. Expecially Ziggy Stardust.

    Carolina Valdez Miller said...

    Major congrats to Alex! And how cool is that party? LOVE the costume of Hester Prynne. Total freaking awesomeness. I haven't been to a memorable Halloween party since like the 6th grade.

    Terresa said...

    Heya, Lola, this post gets me into the Halloween spirit! Love the costumes! (are you in any of those pics, by chance?)

    I'm off to check out Alex's interview now!

    Lola Sharp said...

    Sorry friends, I was the picture taker, not takee.

    There were others taking pictures, so if anyone emails me some shots of me or my husband, I'll post them.
    Maybe. (if they're flattering ;)

    notesfromnadir said...

    Looks like everyone had a great time! Wednesday suddenly looks a little taller than what I saw in the movie! :)

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