Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Bits

1. October is one of my favorite months. (I even love the NFL going pink for breast cancer)

2. Especially for writing. The weather is lovely and atmospheric...

3. and maybe because of Halloween I can feel free to dive into my dark side, let my inner goth girl out to play. Angsty, atmospheric writing is FUN.

4. I love to decorate the house all creeptastic (will post pictures of my Halloween decorations later this week) with faux body parts and ravens and such. (I enjoy decorating for every holiday and any theme/party/event) 

5. And dressing up for Halloween! LOVE. This year Husband is going to be Poe (Faux Poe). We have a really tricked out party to attend on the 16th...I'll take pictures for you! 

6. Husband, Kid and I have a 'game' where we come up with 10 adjectives that describe each other. They always tell me my #1 adjective is: FESTIVE. I love that they think that! 

7. I'm STILL in Revision Hell on WiP #3. (Send help... or at least some snacks...cocktails.)

8. I know a few of you have recently joined me in the RH (welcome to Satan's lair). This is the blistering pit of torture where killing all your characters seems the only way out. Where every semicolon and emdash gets analyzed to the point of hair-pulling, your whiteboard has diagrams that even Russell Crow can't figure out, your walls (and body) are covered in colored post-it notes and your coffee intake has led to disturbing eyelid twitches. 

Your thoughtful spot has become an in-patient mental hospital.

 I also know a few of you LOVE revisions (Heavenly Revisions?) but don't care for the first draft writing. This boggles my mind. I love the freedom of the first draft; the falling in love with my characters and experiencing their journey. 

9. Somewhere around the 3rd draft the Shiny has worn off. I'm tired of revisiting/rewriting that damn chapter 16 for the 21,364th time. I dislike searching for the ripple effects from every change made. I hate how I fester, fester, fester over EVERY single detail and word choice. 

10. I love that we all have different approaches and processes. 

11. Twitter has become my latest Procrastination Technique.

12. And my only source of news.

13. I'm excited to do Nano again this year. I get to play with a Shiny New Idea! 

14. We are watching the Glee Season 1 DVDs in nightly marathons. So much FUN. This season is great too, thus far. Last week's Britney episode was the shizz. Grilled Cheesus last night was okay. It got a bit serious for my taste. I like the funny. 

  Guess what?!! On the 18th they're doing Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!! *jumps up and down*
SO excited!!

15. Bitty Kitty should be renamed TROUBLE. Her favorite thing to do is sharpen her claws on my 15 y.o. jade plant and scale up the curtains. My favorite thing to do is squirt her with our strategically placed squirt guns. She's a terror. I LOVES her.
Who me?

16. I miss True Blood. (Oh Eric, how I miss you!)

17. Next week's Castle will be Steampunked!!!! With a tricked out DeLorean! 

18. These are the two songs on repeat while I rewrote that rascally ch. 16:

19. I miss you. Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm trying hard to finish these revisions so I can get it out of my face off to my CPs.

20. I LOVE my CP's. 

21. And, I love YOU. 

22. I'll still be unplugged (mostly) for a while. MUST FINISH REVISIONS. I miss you so much. 

23. In the words of Oingo Boingo (oh, and yeah, FDR might have mentioned it), there's nothing to fear but fear itself.

Be fearless, friends!



Eric said...

Great list. Oh, and extra cool points for mentioning Oingo Boingo!

Candyland said...

HA! The kitty is too cute. October is MY FAVORITE month too!

KarenG said...

I love fall but don't care for Halloween. I'm strange that way. I'd like to feel your way about first drafts, the freedom, the joy of them-- I'm going to try it in Novemeber!

Talli Roland said...

Cute cute kitty! I want one!

I like writing in Autumn too. It's just, well, it gets dark so early here! And that I don't like.

Tere Kirkland said...

1. LOL, I have not been watching Castle, but DAYUM. Captain Tightpants in Steampunk garb? I may have to check that out. ;)

2. I miss Eric, too. I'm even reading the Harris novels to get more of a fix but the one I'm on now hasn't got nearly enough Eric.

3. Usually I'm feeling the first draft love, but I wish I was finished with my WiP, because it is KILLING me right now not knowing what to do next. This never happens to me, and it's weird that I'm finding myself wishing for the revision stage when I usually love the first draft stage. Weirdness.

4. Can't WAIT for Halloween. Ready to break out the eye-patch and the samurai sword. ;)

Have a Happy October!

Bethany Mattingly said...

Your kitten is soooo adorable! Good luck with revisions!!! I'm a fan of the first draft too.

PK Hrezo said...

I hear ya, sista! I'm so sick of revising my ms, I don't want to look at it ever again!
This is my fave month too! I'm stoked for NaNo as well... ready to get that current ms out of my head for awhile!
Add me to your NaNo writing buddy list. :)


Lickety Splitter said...

October is my favorite month, and its not because it also happens to be my birthday month. I just think the weather is at its most divine! Halloween is THE best opportunity for make believe and creepy fun. It has always been my favorite holiday, and I too decorate for it. I especially love the bats on that girl's ankles and feet. Gotta get some of those!

Summer said...

Your CPs LOVE you too!

You MUST send us(me) pictures of this costume business! I love seeing people's costumes, even if our social life is so lame that we never have an opportunity to partake. But if we ever do again, we are totally going to rock Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch from Venture Brothers! Though Evan really wants me to dress as Black Cat one of these years...*sigh*

I've been opening all the windows in the house the past week and using the 50-degree temps inside as an excuse to bundle up! I love, LOVE my fall/winter clothes. I think I was born in jeans and sweaters. For reals.

Your kitty is precious! Love that face; looks like some American/British shorthair in there, maybe. My kitties got fixed on Monday and they're doing well, although their latest obsession is jumping on the kitchen counters...argh.

So ready for NaNo! I'm been surfing the forums all day. Seriously.


Lisa said...

I'm excited for NaNo and I have to quite procrastinating on my draft and get back to revisions. I was in a groove and now I'm out of it.

I can't wait to see pix from your party on the 16th. Halloween parties are the best.

Melissa said...

Oh wow, Castle's going steampunk? Must. Watch.

Great list! Good luck with your revisions. I'm in RH with you so I feel your pain:)

Old Kitty said...

Awwwwww Bitty Kitty ROCKS!! She's lovely!!!!:-)

Enjoy your halloween!! I hope you get to delve into your dark side allllllll year!! :-)

Revision hell is just that - one torment of tortures. You hear that screaming and gnashing of teeth and wailing in the corner of hell's kitchen as satan unleashes his hordes of hades??? Tis me. :-)

Take care

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

These random bits are so full of win!

I miss eric too. And i'm so excited abotu steampunk castle next week. I squeed when i saw that preview.

I'm excited to see your decorations. We always want to, and have some, but never as much as we want. I prefer the realistic scary stuff.

I really liked the song lineup on grilled cheesus last night, but in general the episode was sad. Rocky Horry will be awe-some. Well i hope it will be anyway

Christopher said...

I'm able to write again too now that its cooling off! Writing in the summer is too much like summer school.

Dominique said...

I love your Halloween-y pictures. They're great.

Linda G. said...

October is also my favorite month, even though I too am in revision hell. My CPs are keeping me sane, though, so I'm hoping to survive until Halloween.

Carolyn V. said...

October is my fav month too. i love everything about it.

They're doing a steampunk Castle? Sweet!

Good luck with the revisions. I'm right there with you, but I feel like I'm as slow as a snail.

Susan Tiner said...

Oh no, a curtain climber!

I love that photo of the tree and I love Fall too.

Good luck with those revisions Lola.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I loves loves loves Coldplay...and Fall...and revisions. (and socks) :P

Good luck, darling. I'm jumping into my new story now because I can't hold out for Nano.

So glad you're popping in every now and again.

Clarissa Draper said...

I'm doing Nano, add me as a buddy as well.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm doing NaNo - look for me under my name.
NFL - now that says fall to me!

DL Hammons said...

I have to make it a point to keep you and my wife apart! FESTIVE is her middle name as well and I'm afraid if the two of you got together a new holiday would spontaneously erupt!! :)

Pictures! Mandatory!!

Anonymous said...

"Jar of Hearts" is such a beautiful song. I can't wait for Christina Perri to release an album. She is such a talented lyricist, and what a voice!

Nicole Zoltack said...

I probably would like Halloween more if I had a place to go and get all dressed up for it.

Sara McClung ♥ said...

Jar of Hearts is one of my FAVORITE songs to write too!!!

Also, the ripple effects in revisions sometimes make me want to slit my wrists with a spoon...

Keep on pushing though!! You can do it!

*waves pom poms*


Jeff King said...

Great songs and great post... we miss you aswell, but get you revisions done and get back here.

best of luck, I can't wait to by your book.

God bless.

Colene Murphy said...

You're awesome. I am so jealous of anyone getting to see Rocky Horror!! Miss Eric too. I just thought of him on my drive home tonight...oh...Eric...mmmm
Good luck on revisions! hate those suckers...

Renae said...

I love October! Your pictures are fantastic!

mshatch said...

I love Rocky Horror Picture Show (ah, the 80's...), and True Blood, and I completely concur regarding #9.

Jennie Bailey said...

Lola - is Bitty Kitty still that small? Oh she is precious. Sometimes the trouble makes them more endearing. Unless the curtains are expensive. Posts like this more than make up for the time whilst you are away! Happy Revisions and Decorating for Halloween!

Laura Marcella said...

Well, if you're going to be in Revision Hell, this is the appropriate month to be there!

I love decorating, too. I go all-out crazy for Christmas, but I have a good many fall and Halloween decorations, too. I even have a Halloween tree I decorate! It's one of the smaller branches from my Christmas tree, and I put it in a plastic jack-o-lantern bucket and it has orange lights. The ornaments are ghosts, spiders, black cats, and witch boots! I'll have to post a picture. :)

Good luck with your revisions, Lola!!! I can't wait for NaNo, too!

The Words Crafter said...

This was a really great read! My little kitty, Roo, likes to sharpen her claws on me! And the curtains, and the table-she's a terror, too. And I love her.

I would love to see pics of your costumes! Have a great week!

Las Vegas Writer said...

Love you pictures. This was a fun post!

Jemi Fraser said...

Steampunk Castle???!!!! Awesomeness!

Love your pics and your post :) Take care and know I'm suffering in RH along with you! :)

DLCurran said...

Sending more revision faeries with their sparkling edit-dust :)

Oh, and I told you ages ago I wasn't doing NaNo because of a big family vacay... but I'm doin' it anyway! If you want to add me on your writing buddies, feel free. I'm under desviado

Good luck on the revisions!

Su said...

That is the cutest kitty ever. And when I saw your blog title (before clicking) I was really really really hoping that you were thinking the same Pratchett that I was thinking. I am so delighted to find out that you were. :D

Erica M. Chapman said...

Love the list. Love Halloween!! I'm in revision hell too. Only 2nd draft hell for me. I'm with you, first drafts are a lot more fun ;o)

Oh and Eric is mine!! LOL

Those two songs are on my playlist too. Funny.

I've got 3 kitties, I totally understand.

Yay NaNo! See ya in the trenches ;o)

The Golden Eagle said...

Awesome list here! I love October, too. Great pictures to go with your post!

Melissa Gill said...

I finally got around to your blog. Sorry I'm so poky! I am in love with your blog. I love all the pictures you used. (And I am really in love with that little yellow cat!) Have you ever thought about writing picture books? I ask because you have a great way of blending story with pictures, so, I'm just saying...

Anyway, glad I finally got over here. Sending virtual chocolate kisses your way to ease your revision pain.


Meredith said...

Um, I love everything about this list. Fall, Halloween, Glee, True Blood...everything. Hope the revisions go well!

Carol Kilgore said...

I'd like to race you out of RH, but I'm too far behind. Sigh.

Slamdunk said...

Poor Trouble, just looking for entertainment--I mean Bitty Kitty that is.

Jon Paul said...

After Nano, I'm sure to be right there with you in RH. Hmmm, I wonder what the perfect RH cocktail would be....Now I'll be up all night wondering that.

Have fun storming the castle! Can't wait for the pics.


Tyrean Martinson said...

Love the list! Love the atmospheric writing one! Totally get wanting to kill off all my main characters and start over with the chef taking the main role - actually did that once, and he turned out to be a very fun character, but I wouldn't recommend scrapping a whole book just for the sake of a chef.

Hope you re-writes get better.

Robert Guthrie said...

Congratulations on FESTIVE. The best thing to hear from a kid.

Oh, but I loooooved yesterday's Glee. So smartly done, so powerful.

Lola Sharp said...

JP-- Yeah!...we need a RH signature cocktail....AND we need a Nano-cocktail! Get on that. :)

Slamdunk--she's looking for trouble. She's lucky she's cute.

Carol, I'm SLOW at revisions. (all the festering and insanity slows me down) I bet you'd win the race. I'm *trying* to be done by Nano. Not gonna happen. *sigh*

Meredith--Maybe we're soul sisters. :)

Melissa--I'm so glad to have you here. Welcome. :) I can't draw. So I get my creative picture-booking outlet here. I love finding gorgeous, compelling pictures to go with my posts. Dunno why. Just do. :) Who knows, though, maybe some day.

G.E.-- Thanks. :)

Erica--THREE kitties?! Yipes. We have 2 dogs and the kitten...I'm already on overload. Oh, and Eric is MINE. ;) (Jeesh, I'm a fangbanger. *sigh*)

Su-- Nice to meet you. :)

DLC--I don't know how you could possibly do a vacation AND Nano. That's insanity. Nano will be here next year....please enjoy you family vacation. (how long is the trip?)

Jemi--Nice to have such lovely company in the RH. And yeah, don't miss that Castle! Set the DVR (Monday night) I know you love steampunk. (me too)

LVW--Thank you. :)

TWC--Aww, I love the name Roo. (loves me some pooh bear) Ouch, though. My kitten doesn't sharpen her claws on me, BUT she does BITE me! She's a sweetheart most of the time, but she's also a BITER. I'll post pictures of the party and the costumes. :)

Laura--Yay! Mee too! But my tree I made from (real) (dead) tree branches and spray painted them black...then hung skeletons etc. on it. YES...please post pictures! (I really love decorating for Christmas...I go ALL OUT.)

Jennie---yes, she's still pretty tiny...and yes, the curtains were expensive. *sigh* But she's too cute to get mad at. :)

mshatch--LOVED the 80's. (seems like yesterday, doesn't it?) LOVE RHPS...can't wait to see what they do with it.

Ranea-- Thanks. :)

Colene-- Eric. Eric. ERIC. (yummmmy) Make sure you catch Glee on the 18th for RHPS.

Jeff-- Thanks. :) I hope your revisions are going well.

Sara--Thanks for the cheering! (Are you done with yours?)

Nicole--Maybe you could throw a Halloween party, if none of your friends throw them.

Kelly--I agree..LOVE her (and can't wait for an album) I saw her on SYTYCD (daughter is a dancer so we watch religiously) and fell in love. Plus, she's from our area.

DL--Ha! A spontaneously combusted festive holiday! Awesome! I would LOVE you wife. What fun is life if you're not festive?

Alex and Clarissa--Okay...Ill buddy you. (I'm: the-sharp-pen)

Carol--Socks are eevilll. *shudder*

Susan--Thanks. And yes, she is very ouch a curtain climber. *sigh*

Carolyn--I'm slow as a snail at revisions too. Fester, fester, fester.

Linda--The RH is a dark and sweaty place.

Dominique--Thanks. :)

Christopher--glad you're writing again.

Sarah--I'll post my decorations soon. And I helped with the party decorations at my friends house so I'll be sure to take pictures there too. (the party is in his basement, which is HUGE, and so we've been working on it for months.) And I'll take pictures of people in their costumes. :)

Old Kitty---You're sweet. :) And yes, I'm right there in RH with you. It's 20 kinds of evil.

Melissa--Nice to have such lovely company in RH. We must wear our fire retardant waders, yes? And I know! Squeee for Steampunk Castle!

Lisa--it's easy to procrastinate RH...and hard to want to go back in. I'll make cocktails...come on in, the bubbling lava's 'warm'. ;)

Summer--*hugs* I'll take pictures. Promise.

Lickety Splitter--Happy Birthday!

Melissa Gill said...

I'm back to say I love your blog so much I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog award.

Lola Sharp said...

Eric--Loves me some old-school Oingo Boingo. :)

Candyland--Thanks. :) She's lucky she's cute.

Karen--I love first drafts. I wish I liked revisions. And, does this mean you're gonna Nano with us? Yay!

Talli--I know, it does start getting dark here early too...but it's not sweltering, and it's not's just right. And it's pretty. And it's cozy. It even smells good; earthy. (the kitty on the other hand...kitty boxes reek)

Tere---Oooh, another soul sister! I totes wanna see pix of you in your eye patch and pirate wench garb! (Yeah, in the earlier books Eric isn't around much...I like the one where he loses his memory and they become lovers! Hells YES! Mmmm.)

Lola Sharp said...

Bethany--Isn't it fascinating that some people don't like the first draft but love revisions/edits?? (in Spock voice) Fascinating. And thanks about Bitty Kitty. :)

PK--Another soul sista! Yay. :) *hugs* It'll be fun doing Nano together. (I'm: the-sharp-pen)

Tyrean--Thanks. :)

Robert-- Yes, festive is a nice adjective to be. :) And I love Glee SO MUCH.

Melissa--Awww...thanks!!! How sweet! I'm honored.

EVERYONE--Love you "guys".♡

Hart Johnson said...

HA! Buddied you on NaNo. So there. I love these little ketchups you do. nice little bits and pieces. And I love bitty kitty. I want her.

I normally hate revision hell, and I LOVE first drafts, but you know what? I'm sort of having fun this round... Should I hide? I think it's because it's the first really deliberate: evaluate first, make a plan, THEN edit I've done (and that part is done--I hated that part) but now I am just smoothing and i LIKE IT!

Melissa said...

Fabulous list! the pictures accompanying 2 and 5 are incredible! Seriously. Also... steampunk castle? Rocky horror Glee? My life just became more awesome!

Jai Joshi said...

Loved the update, Lola! Thanks.

Yes, revision is hell. Can't go on much longer. Need air...


Janna Qualman said...

What a great list! Lots of awesome pics, too.

I love Castle. And I sensed the Steampunk theme coming up. It'll be interesting!

Christauna Asay said...

Great post. The halloween pictures in particular were awesome. Castle rocks! Can't wait for Monday.

Oh and I left you an award on my blog. Iffin you should want it you can mosey on over there to retrieve it.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I don't know how I'd survive without a squirt bottle around here with all our rambunctious animals. Unfortunately our youngest dog isn't impressed with it.

I think Glee is the best show on TV this season! Rocky Horror? Can't wait!

I gave you an award over at my blog. Don't worry about passing it on, you're way too busy. Just know that I think highly of your blog.

I wish someone thought I was festive! I think most would say I'm dramatic. LOL

JEM said...

Love this post! And I agree with you on so many things, it's like you took my brain and put it on display. Except maybe Glee. I've fallen out of love with Glee, makes me sad. But I do looooooooove autumn, even if we only get about one week of it down here in Texas.

Kazzy said...

I wonder if I have an inner goth girl...

Tara said...

Fall is my favorite time. I just hate Halloween. Somehow my kids LOVE it.

Dominique said...

By the way, there's an award for you on my blog. :)

KLM said...

Yeah. Revision is where your Wip goes from being fun to being work.

Work? I didn't become a writer so I'd have to work, man. Screw that.

Good luck.

And have fun goth-ing it up for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I used to read Poe's Tell-tale Heart to my students and then show them the video. The same with the Cask of Amontillado--all at the end of October. Fun!!

Good luck with your writing!

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like you are getting through the revisions and accomplishing so much. Good for you.

Tessa Quin said...

Gha! I miss Eric, too!

Samantha Bennett said...

I feel you, my friend. I love the thrill of first drafts... and typically trudge through revisions. Here's hoping "lights will guide you home" in the words of Coldplay.

Heather said...

What a beautiful picture (the first one, though they're all awesome!)! I love October and all it represents too. Sorry, I'm one of the freaks who loves revising. ;-)

Jessica Lawlor said...

There is SO much I can relate to in this post.

I too love just makes me FEEL like writing; indeed, it is the perfect writing month.

NANO is upon us! CANNOT WAIT for this :) I think I'm going to do something completely different from my usual type of writing and I'm excited.

I also heart Glee!

erica and christy said...

I love October! I hate revisions! I didn't used to. I WISH, just wish I could get to revise chapter 16! I'm still only on the 1,284 th revision of chapter ONE. The first draft WAS way more fun. Great post! Thanks. It was well worth procrastinating to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm glad you are also doing NaNo. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow!. That's one heckuva blog. Hey, snacks ans cocktails coming your way. On me. And thanks for the Twitter follow!

Stephen Tremp

Haleine said...

First of all, the pictures you used in your blog are really quite lovely.

Christina Perri's Jar Of Hearts is a gorgeous song. I tend to listen to it on repeat a lot too.

I too am looking forward to NaNoWriMo. I'm planning to write my first young adult urban fantasy story and I can't wait!

Finally, I once had a cat who declared war on a ficus tree I had in my living room. The cat eventually won that war.

Keep up the good (revision) fight...

Jen Daiker said...

Wow I'm late... and I have no excuse as to why... distracted on twitter probably (hehe)

I'm doing NaNo!!! Are we friends??? My username is Jen_Unedited!!! I'd love to follow you're journey!!!

Tiana Smith said...

I love all the pictures and videos :) And I'm doing NaNo too! Buddy me up at tianalei :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Lola...What an awesome post! I so enjoyed it! I love your adjective game. :) Have fun at the party! We are hosting the company Christmas party at our home this year (40 people), so I have a lot of planning to do. It should be good fun. I will be making them play games. :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm writing my first draft. I'm loving it, but I can't wait to do revisions. That's the part I love more. :D

Good luck with your revisions. I can't wait to see your Halloween costume.

Hannah Kincade said...

You are awesome! I love every pit of this post. And I'm sorry I'm so late but better late than never right? Right?!

Anyway, I'm going to curl up under the first picture...

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