Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to the Party!

KarenG, author and sweetheart over at Coming Down The Mountain, had a fabulous idea to host a BBQ blog hop party! Since I'm a huge fan of BBQ's (nomnom) and I love to meet new people, I thought I'd join in on the fun. So come on in!

Here's how it works:

  • Head on over to Karen's blog and give her a follow.
  • Make a comment and share what food you're going to bring
  • Visit three blogs from the comment list and follow if you like
The more you comment and follow, the more activity you'll see on your blog and the more people you'll meet. #winwin

As for my usual weekend frolicking, there will be very little of said frolicking, but lots of writerly doings. Mostly I'll be catching up on critiquing for my CPs (sorry I'm so behind!), working on my revisions and helping my daughter work on her essay (on JD Salinger) for her AP lit class.

What are YOUR weekend frolicking plans?

Have a safe and delightful holiday weekend!


Donna Hosie said...

Hi Lola! I'm already a follower and I am already at Karen's party, so if I may be so bold as to leave an invite to my own weekend party:

The Fantastical Fantasy Blog Party

Please pop by and grab a glass or three!

Christauna Asay said...

Here for the BBQ. :) Nice to meet you. Love the clown pic below.

Jemi Fraser said...

How did I miss the bbq??? I'll pop on over.

I'm going to spend most of the weekend in my classroom :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been enjoying the BBQ. Plan to get a lot of writing done this weekend. And goof off. Of course!

Old Kitty said...

I'm so fashionably late for wonderful KarenG's BBQ but I remembered to bring the veggie sausages! :-)

Have a great weekend lovely Lola!

Good luck with your revisions, critiquing and above all with your daughter's essay - JD Salinger? Gawd bless him!

take care

Laura Kaye said...

Yum! So glad to be here--over from the BBQ and following!

Tamika: said...

Yay~ barbeque!

I'm heading over from Karen's and I'm so glad the party hasn't stopped:) Since they devoured my chili beans at Karen's, I decided on a fresh backed peach pie. Enjoy!

And thanks for the invitation to follow~ I accept!

Ann Best said...

I love the picture.

I've had a long day at the BBQ and decided to stop by and see what you're doing. Sounds like it will be a productive weekend for you and your daughter. Enjoy!

Carolyn V. said...

What a busy weekend Lola! My plans, finish revising chapter 7. It must be done! Wish I had something more exciting, but I really need to get this chapter done.

Good luck on the critiquing. =)

Ann said...

Have been enjoying KarenG's BBQ. Your treats are look absolutely decadent and delicious.

I will be cooking for the weekend. All four of my children are making their way towards my kitchen for all four points of the compass as I type. Enjoy your weekend.

Brenda Drake said...

I'm planning a big pool party. And there will be Coronas and Chile Con Queso. That's only on Monday. The rest of the time I'll be doing this and that. Hope you have a great weekend! :D

KarenG said...

A weekend of writing sounds wonderful. And that pink sugary deliciousness pictured here is very tempting!

Anonymous said...

Over from Karen's BBQ - I like your blog! I'll be back. :)

Lisa said...

What an interesting concept! I'll have to go over and see.

I'm starting my new job this evening. That will keep me off the streets for about six hours. I also work Sunday night.

The rest of the weekend is reading, writing and generally hanging out. Just right.

Have a great weekend, Lola.

Jeff King said...

Sounds like fun, best of luck.

Fragrant Liar said...

Dang! Missed the BBQ, but I'm away from home anyway. Visiting Hotlanta for the week, and hoping to meet Mizz Lisa. Also writing on the new WIP in between general laziness and adoration of youngsters.

roxy said...

I think I need to make some frolicking plans, Lola. Frolicking is a good word. It makes me happy to say it. Hope you're doing great. I've missed you!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Thankas for stopping by from Karen's BBQ!

My plans? Went out to dinner Friday, took the kidlet to the amusement park, today we're beaching it, and tomorrow we're going to an actual BBQ. Whew! I'm going to need a day of rest after this. LOL

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I love Karen!! She always has such great ideas. Going over there now :D Hey, was chatting about you with Summer and DL yesterday at Mimi's Cafe. Overwhelming consensus...we LOVE you!!

Happy Labor Day weekend <3

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Lola, I really like the picture of the goodies. Pink is my favorite color so the picture even gives me more pleasure.

Katie Anderson said...

I'm a bit of a latecomer to the BBQ party - but thought I'd stop by and say hello! I'm just about to become a follower - and look forward to having a peek through your recent posts :)

Talli Roland said...

Oh, these sweets look SO delicious! Yum! :)

Kaitlyn said...

Hi! Just stopping by from the BBQ and wanted to say hello. I'm your newest follower =D


mytressa said...

Hi! Stopping in from the BBQ too! New here, but love your style of blogging. Plus, you're a gal after my own stomach. Love root beer floats and spinach dip. Yum!

Great pictures, and look forward to getting to know you better!

Marguerite said...

Hi Lola, So nice to meet you! Lovely photo and blog! Thanks so much for visiting/following my blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Simon Kewin said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog during the weekend party! Hope you had fun. Thanks for the follow too - I'm now following you ...

Jen said...

Lola the picture you showed off was absolutely delicious!!!! I love this BBQ idea... too cute!

Ann said...

There is an award over at Inkpots n' Quills for you. Pop over and collect it. Happy Monday!

Deniz Bevan said...

Those desserts look yummy! Great to meet you at the BBQ Blog Party :-)

Elana Johnson said...

It's Monday, which means business as usual. It's the only day I actively clean the house. So I'm doing that. I'll shower, and try to finish a good book. Nice and relaxing before getting back into real life tomorrow. Hope you have a great day!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

So cool! What a fun party! I'll head over, although I think I'm a little late in the game.

Today, I got in a little shopping, wrote a bit, and now catching up on a few blog things. Hey wait a minute, I wasn't supposed to do any work today!! Hmmmm....

Sounds like you've got a full plate, too. Good luck with that essay for the kiddo!

Julie Musil said...

Karen's bbq was such fun! I hope you got lots of writerly tasks done this weekend.

Theresa Milstein said...

I loved Karen's BBQ too. Her whole summer contest series was great, even though I didn't win anything. Thanks to her, i've met a bunch of nice people.

How was your weekend?

I got a new laptop with a free iTouch, thanks to the Apple promotion for educators, so that was sweet. On Friday night, I went out to dinner with my husband. Saturday night, we had friends over for dinner. And Sunday, my family went to the park. We had a great time. Today is back to school Boo!

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss lola! i went to that bbq at miss karens blog and i ate soooo much good food i got so stuffed i couldnt hardly walk. it was a real fun day. i went swimming most of the day at my cousins house. i watched baseball on tv and we played wii games. i like the bowling game. thanks for visiting me at my blog. i saw your dog and cat pictures. soooo cool!
...smiles from lenny

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