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Blog Fest~ redux

I'm running on almost no sleep. As in, I'm in an altered state, completely deprived. Less than 6 hours total in the last several days; averaging around 2 hours/night. I've overcommitted myself, and refuse to not meet my responsibilities on time. Thus, the quick, crappy High Drama Blog Fest 'story' of shame (in the post below this post). Since I'm embarrassed by it (again, the post underneath this post, if you must), I thought I'd at least share something I wrote for my husband a long time ago. Some of you have seen it. It too was not proofed or polished, but I did write it after a full night's sleep. (Note: It is not fiction. I don't post excerpts of my WiPs) Also, I forgot to post anything to him for our anniversary last month. 

These Kinds of Days  

On these kinds of days, grey misty days, I count each breath, one, two, three, until the hour I see you next. Every breath, every word I write, slowly takes me closer to 5 o'clock, closer to you. I imagine you sitting at your desk in your office across town, similarly working your way toward me. Time tick-tocking, inhaled, exhaled. 
I find reasons, any reason, to say your name, the feel of it in my mouth, on my tongue, lips. 
On these kinds of days I still feel the warmth of your hand on my thigh, your lips on my cheek, long after you've gone. I'm left with the scent of your skin on mine, haunting me throughout my day, distracting me from my work. I hear your laughter in my mind, its initial burst, its melodious finish, and I cannot help but smile. The want of you singing in my veins, making it impossible to concentrate on anything except the thought of you. 
Every day, the sound of the garage door opening is a pitch-perfect sonata, sublime, the imminent promise of you. 
Always, always, I see the love in your eyes when you look at me. Overwhelmed, I am filled with emotions that feel too big for me, emotions that make me vibrate, seismic. 
I shine, twirl with the knowing of your love for me; I am beautiful, smart, light on my feet. Life is magical and ripe with possibility. 
My body sweet, supple, curved to fit around yours, inviting you to rest yourself in me. Your body responds and simmers instantly. Every time. 
Our embrace, your radiant smile, turn these kinds of days, the grey days, luminous and bright.
Every day with you is a gift and I am grateful beyond measure. (I love you, Husband.)

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Old Kitty said...


Awwww again!!

This is so so sweet. Awwww.

:-) This calls for chocolate and a glass of wine.

Take care

Will Burke said...

There was nothing wrong with that gravestone-and-chicken-guy story -- you set a mighty creepy scene right there! Though, I do have an aversion to unwanted conversation starters, especially before my third coffee.

February Grace said...

Oh! That was so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes.

To feel and be given love like that is truly one of the greatest gifts anyone can ever know.

Thank you for posting it (I hope you get some sleep soon! Take care of yourself- from one overcommitted and sleep deprived person to another- you can only go on so long with that before the crash! your health has to come first!)


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Second time around for me, and this is still one of the sweetest, sexiest testimonial of love I've ever read.

((hugs)) and happy belated anniversary!

Jai Joshi said...

This is so romantic! You and your husband are lucky to have each other.

I hope you get some sleep soon.


Stephanie Thornton said...

I absolutely love this- it's beautiful! Makes me wish I could write better poetry.

I hope you get some sleep!

Summer Ross said...

very sensual. my favorite line:
"Every day, the sound of the garage door opening is a pitch-perfect sonata, sublime, the imminent promise of you."

Jen said...

It's so sweet!!! Fantastic!!!

Al said...

Simply lovely, nothing more needs to be said.

Get some sleep or you'll fry your brain :-(

Jeff King said...

Awsesome... BTW get some sleep, your starting to sound like a meth head.

Angela M. said...

Very beautiful writing, and you're also amazingly lucky. I've never felt this way about anyone, and my life's half over. Makes me sad. I suppose that's why I've been writing romance lately--to make up my own reality.

PS--Yes, sleep is good. Did you watch the new Nightmare on Elm Street? That lack of sleep will mess you up! Thank you for thinking of us and posting anyway <3

Portia said...

Oh, Lola, I love this! I got chills. What a wonderful gift to your husband. I was particularly moved by this:

Always, always, I see the love in your eyes when you look at me. Overwhelmed, I am filled with emotions that feel too big for me, emotions that make me vibrate, seismic.



KarenG said...

Absolutely brilliant, way better than high drama blogfest is high passion real life! And the photo goes with it so perfectly.

aspiring_x said...

so, so beautiful. amazing!

DL Hammons said...

That is such a testament to unbridled LOVE...and the power of the written word. I am so thankful to be in orbit around your talent!

Kazzy said...

Something's in the air... I just wrote a little tribute to my hubby too. This was very sweet. :)

Elliot Grace said...

...the harshest critic we'll ever face is the one staring back at us in the mirror.
I thought your entry was a dandy...a smooth read, but if the keeper of the pen "ain't happy...ain't nobody happy."
I remember this a fine wine, better with age:)

TechnoBabe said...

Wonderful post. I enjoyed reading your words to your husband. I feel like this about my hubby and was a comfort this love is.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is so well written. and I hate to say but I think I could copy and paste here the very first comment - aawwwww! :)

Michele Emrath said...

Nothing wrong with a little true drama! Thanks for sharing.


Susan Tiner said...

Yeah, I feel that way about my sweetie too.

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, and very sweet.

But I do not see how you can survive off 2 hours of sleep a night! I once went with only 4 hours and I felt as if I were dying that whole next day. /:

Belle said...

Very sweet and beautiful - so much love in it.

Tessa Conte said...

I have to join the chorus up there....

AWWWWW!! That's so sweet and touching!

Thank you for sharing this with us!

James Garcia Jr said...

Lola, if I am waking you, go back to sleep. From what I've read, you need it. I know that you do not have a lot of time right now, but I have a little something over at my blog for you. Come and pick it up when you get a chance, but don't worry about the other part that goes with it. I'm letting you off the hook with that. Take care of yourself, okay? Get some rest.

Julie Musil said...

I feel like I'm intruding on a private moment! That was beautiful.

Melissa said...

This is gorgeous. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

This is real sweet! Such a touching testimony of the deep love you share!

Talli Roland said...

I loved this! *sniff*

So personal and intimate - thanks for sharing!

Theresa Milstein said...

This is lovely. Truly. And what a perfect photo to go with it.

Christina Lee said...

WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! This is gorgeous!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

So glad you posted this. It's beautiful and heartwarming and passionate. The love you feel for your husband shines through.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, so it touches me especially. Thank you, Lola.

Susan Fields said...

That is so lovely - thanks for sharing it. And I read your blogfest entry and there was absolutely nothing embarassing about it!

Now go get some sleep!

Heather said...

What a beautiful piece of writing! Like all truly good writing I can tell it comes straight from the heart.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Lola. Truly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Your husband is a very lucky man and, as is apparent from your writing, he is as well. Happy anniversary!

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