Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola GIVES! So Tonight I Make a Toast..

Whatever Lola wants Lola gets
And my friends, little Lola wants you!
Make up your mind to have no regrets
Recline yourself, resign yourself
You're through
I always get what I aim for
Your heart and soul is what I came for...

I'd like to say something that I prepared ... 

Hello. You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner 
(not really, but go with it). 
I tend to think of myself as a one girl wolfpack. 
But my wolfpack grew, it grew by two 
(and Lola wants YOU TOO! Yep, I just referred to 
myself in the third person, keep going with it.)
I was alone in the pack, and then you joined in later
and I thought, wait a second, could it be? 
and now I know for sure I just added 111 wolves to my wolfpack 
and now 111 of us wolves running around the blogosphere together, 
writing, and looking for agents and/or to be NYT best sellers! 
So tonight I make a toast...

Here's to YOU, friends!

Are you ready?

**THE Lola's Wolfpack CONTEST BEGINS NOW!!**

The winner will receive a copy of The Hangover (dvd) or a $20 gift card to Barnes &
Noble (your choice) and whatever crazy-Lola-thing I want to throw in the envelope!

How to Play/Win:

*You must leave a Comment in THIS Post with your point tally, and you must be a follower to win (no purchase necessary).

1) Comment here--1 pt.
2) 'Old' Follower (everyone up to 111, Kat is 'old')--2 pts
3) New Follower (everyone after 111/Kat/this minute)--1pt
4) Link to this post on your sidebar--2 pts
5) Mention, with link, in a blog post--2 pts
6) Tweet/facebook etc.--1 pt
7) Extra Credit--tell us, in the comments, about the best bachelor or bachelorette party you've ever participated in. We want the juicy deets!--3 pts.

This contest will remain up until Tax Day, Thursday April 15th, by 6pm EST. I will announce the winner on Friday April 16th.

For the ladies, I give you the HOTTEST honorary member of our wolfpack, 
Mr. Bradley Cooper! *drool*

And, for the gentlemen, I give you Ms. Heather Graham...

Thanks for being the 111 best friends anyone has ever had!


PS--BLOGGER IS TWEAKING MY TEXT!! Wazzup? Sorry about my sidebar Contest Linkage vanishing temporarily. Yesterday ( and today) Blogger was taken over by Satan, or something. I went in to my sidebar contest spot to remove Tawna's contest info and link (she announced her winner) and the whole thing, the entire gadget just disappeared! I was beyond frustrated! I also had my comments get eaten by Satan's Buggy Blogger Gremlin. Grrrr.

Sorry about the weird formatting...I can't figure out what Blogger's damage is.

PPS-- OH MAN, I can see that for some of my readers that have never seen the movie, this post seems very...silly, with the worst writing and grammar ever! If this is your first time here, AND you've never seen the movie? I promise, I'm not a dolt. Well, okay, yeah, maybe I am.
But, with regard to this wolfpack and speech, it's an (awesome) not-so-inside joke. You'd have to see the movie to understand.


Portia said...

Sweet! Cool contest. I love that flick.

Comment here--1 pt.
'Old' Follower--2 pts--I'm older than I've ever been ;-)

Extra Credit: Hmm, I have no good bachlorette stories. I've had to live vicariously through the movies!

Falen said...

yay! 6 entries for me!
This isn't very juicy but i did play paintball for a bachelor party once (yes girls were allowed).
Nothing celebrates a growing love quite like shooting your friends with painful balls of paint

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Girl! you are great!

Okay I will be back to tally up my entries but for now I had to just say...

What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze.
Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit.
Don't you worry your pretty striped head we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed.
And they we're gonna find our best friend Lola Lola, Lola,
But if she's been murdered by a sharp pen & dull sword well then we're s-hit out of luck..."

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Lola Sharp said...

Oh Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! You are too perfect. That was full of awesome!

Sarah--Oh, I LOVE paintball...and yeah, it HURTS! Like bruises-for-days hurts. Nothing says "I love you', like weaponry!

Portia--I know, we need to use a better wording than 'old' followers. I always resemble that phrasing. ;o)

Aubrie said...

Oh please enter me! Old follower +2 left a comment +1


mo.stoneskin said...

Old follower plus comment = 3 points. I believe. To be perfectly honest I've just been having a few issues with your sidebar. It was encroaching on my reading space!

Talli Roland said...

GREAT contest! Congrats on all your lovely followers - I'm happy to be one! :)

DL Hammons said...

I actually may be your oldest (in age) follower. I think I just heard my knee creak. :)

Old follower + comment + tweet = 4 points.

I have no good bachelor party stories. I didn't have one for my wedding, and the only one I've been too was actually kind of lame. :(

Congrats on all of your minions!!

Shelley Sly said...

Nice contest, and congrats on all your lovely followers! Commenter - 1 pt; Old Follower - 2 pts. I'll probably mention it on my blog eventually, but if I don't, I apologize. I have a ton of trouble keeping track of all the contests in the blogosphere. Nothing personal. But I do wish good luck to everyone who enters. :)

Hope you are having a fantastic week, Lola!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

OMG, I wanna win!!! The Hangover goes down in history as one of my all-time favorite movies. So, Lola my Love, you can sign me up for seven entries, 'cause I'm putting a link on my sidebar asap and will blog about your awesome contest in tomorrow's post.

Huge congrats for surpassing 100 followers!!!!!

((hugs)) Nicole

Old Kitty said...


Oh Lord, maths. Er... I'm no good at it. I just don't add and stuff and do numbers!

Sorry but I shall be cheering for the lucky wolf or wolfette who gets the PRIZE!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your 111 followers - here's to the next 111!!!

Wossisname you have on there is ok. For me the only one has got to be the delectable Daniel Craig. "Woooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Take care

Piedmont Writer said...

Okay here goes, comment 1pt. + blog post with linkage (tomorrow) 2 pts. + old follower 2pts. Bachelorette party - mine. 3 pts. We went to the comedy club and all the comedians made fun of me. I had a glow on and tried to pick up the bouncer (yummy). Yeah, at my bachelorette party. Needless to say I did not marry.

Total = 8

As an aside to DL - No I think I'm the oldest person here.

Amy Jo Lavin said...

Great contest!

Here are my points:
1 point for a comment
2 points for being an old follower
2 points for a link to this post in my sidebar

Total: 5 points

Susan Fields said...

Hooray for contests! And for 111 followers!

Comment +1
Old follower +2
Sidebar link +2
The best bachelorette party I ever attended was my own. It was in Chicago (where I lived at the time). I had to complete a scavenger hunt. This was a long time ago, but the thing I mainly remember was that I had to get a guy to give me his boxers. There were a few other things and they all got buried in a time capsule with the same items my sisters collected at their bachelorette parties. Come to think of it, I don't remember where that time capsule got buried. Anyway, it was a great party until one of my sisters (who got married two months before I did) was joking around and took off her diamond ring and LOST it. In the middle of a packed bar. That kind of ended the party right there. We spend a good hour or so after the bar closed looking for her ring but never found it. (I'm sure she had fun explaining that to her husband the next day!)

That brings me to a total of 8.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh, fun fun!! Count me in!

old follower: +2
comment: +1
sidebar: +2
blog post: +2
Best bachelorette party, well...I've been to one. WE got drunk and sang Karaoke and there was this one lady in the bar actually wearing a lace teddy. Holy cow, had some fun over that one.

Total: 10 points. Woo-hoo!!!

Congrats on your following, chickie!

Terresa said...


Old follower: +2
Comment: +1
Best bachelorette does this grab you: never been to one. I'm LDS (which translates into don't drink & other stuff)...but the night before my sister got married (the 1st time) we did sit around and talk about what we imagined the marriage bed to be like.

(I know, tame! Probably your tamest entry!!)

Total: 6 I think.

Loves & waffles,

Terresa said...

PS: I just Tweeted it..
+1 point.

So my total is:


KarenG said...

111- what a great number! Congrats to you! I'm an old follower + 2

link on sidebar +2

Comment +1

Bachelorette Party Sitting around with my sisters laughing, eating buttered popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and drinking diet Coke. +3

Total +8

KarenG said...

And I just added your link to my post today so add another 2 points. My total +10

Yay! What a fun contest!


Anonymous said...

Liking the Lola wolfpack. 1 pt.

Christi Goddard said...

DL and Anne - I'm the oldest. I'm 245. (In dog years, since I'm a b**ch)

Well, I get three points for old follower and commenting, but I don't play this sort of contest well. I don't Tweet or anything, so congrats on your followers! You deserve the attention.

Palindrome said...

Five for me!! *tap dancing out of the room*

roxy said...

I love that song, Lola. It was awesome. This contest sounds incredibly fun. (Just like you.) Now, to figure out the evil sidebar . . . P. S. I've always wanted to be a part of a wolf pack!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for becoming a follower. I quickly became one of yours. My protagonist of FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE is called by his enemies "the Last Wolf."

I am happy just to fellowship with you and all your wolfpack. No prizes necessary. Roland

Elliot Grace said...

..."Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That sh**'ll come back with you."

2:00am. My bachelor party. Pathetic attempt at a B.E.E.R.-R.U.N., which was actually less than a mile away to the nearest drive-thru. Buddy at the wheel allowed his flaming Camel Light to escape from his lip and flutter into his crotch. He screamed, looked down, spun the steering wheel to the left, directly toward the awaiting police cruiser, who no doubt giggled with joy while pulling out behind us.
Minutes later I'm in the back of the cruiser, rooting my buddy on as he stumbles over the white line, treating it as one would a speed bump in a parking garage. ...happened a long time ago, during my college days when I foolishly declared Budweiser as my major...yeah, good times:)

Summer said...

Congrats, Lola! I love The Hangover!

I went to a pretty kickass bachelor party in Savannah for one of best buds. It started with a low-country boil, then we headed downtown. This was before I was legal *ahem*, so they were sneaking drinks out to me on River Street. I had the "Call a Cab" and "Morning After" which were both quite tasty. THEN boyfriend(now husband) and I went to the graveyard looking for ghosts (because Savannah's one of the top-5 most haunted cities in the US), found an interesting party...

Met back up with our friends, who then decided to go to Club One (a strip club), which is famous for the Lady Chablis (a cross-dresser). I couldn't go in, being underage, so boyfriend and I got pizza and waited for our friends to emerge.

Good times!

Total points: 11

Jon Paul said...

Lola--great contest! No bachelor party tales to tell (plenty of others but none associated with actually trying to get hitched, you see).

I believe that brings my point total to 212, but you know I'm no good at math.

You did make my Friday Link Love post though (I saw your Sarah Vaughn and upped it with Nina Simone) so that should count for something!

Heather Graham's nice too. Ciao!

Lola Sharp said...

Summer-- I lived most of my adult life in Charleston SC (and I still have property there, we will be moving back down in 3 years...we're here for husband's job), and we go to Savannah frequently. I've been to the cemeteries. No voo-doo gullah witches though. THAT would scare me. (what you needed is a good fake id)
And, honey, I loves me some Lady Chablis! Really, one of my favorite movies (also co-starring my man, Johnny Cusack) is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Jon Paul--I LOVE Nina Simone. Sadly, she doesn't sing the Lola song I needed. Anyway, Nina counts for...everything. THANK YOU for the linkage. :o) Happy Packing, btw.

Elliot--It's the gift that keeps on giving!


Roxy--Hi Pack Mate! Yeah, I rather like the song too. :o)

Pal.--Is there a top hat involved?

Christie--You play just fine. 3 pt.'s is good. I can't math my way out of a closet, and stats and probabilities are the I can't give you odds or anything, but you're in it to win it. No worries.

Sarah--I like it too, pack mate. :o)

Karen--Woot! You never know what fun things I might put in that envelope!

T--( I'm craving choc. chip waffles now.) Well, I bet talking about the potential of the marriage bed may have been more entertaining than some bachelorette parties I've been to.

Carol--Pictures of said fashion-don't?

Susan--OMG, I would want to find that time capsule!

Wouldn't that be crazy to go into your backyard to innocently plant something, and dig up someone elses time capsule with man-panties in it? I so want that to happen.

B. Miller said...

Awesome Lola! Sorry I missed this post yesterday, I crashed out early and slept through a lot of important stuff, evidently!

Old follower - +2
Comment - +1
RT on Twitter (@bmillerfiction) - +1

So that's +4 for me! Yay! And then...

Extra credit: Went to a bachelor party in which the groom-to-be was thrown out a plate glass window by two of his friends and a stripper... ended up needing stitches on the morning of his wedding and $500 to replace the window... Geesh!

Hope you have a great Friday! *hug*

chris weigand said...

Okay I am a new follower number 113 so there is one point. I can't find your link for my sidebar so I'll have to wait on that one, but the facebook/twitter and the blogposts are a go as soon as I get back to my site.

chris weigand said...

Okay I'm up to 5 points and as soon as you fix the sidebar button I will be up to six

Marla said...

Let's see, I comment therefore I am worth 1 pt.

I am seriously the oldest follower you have. No, seriously, so there's another 2 pts.

I will gladly link this post, Miss Lola. Where is the dang thing? I know, I am link challenged.

As for the best bachelorette party: I guess it would be mine but that was 34 years ago. I can barely remember details but it had something to do with vaseline on doorknobs and cotton balls strategically placed on naked angels. Don't ask. It wasn't pretty.

So far, I think that brings me to 6.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Okay - Wolfpack leader:

1) Comment here--1 pt.
2) 'Old' Follower --2 pts
3) Link to this post on your sidebar--2 pts
4) Mention, with link, in a blog post--2 pts (MY MONDAY MEMO ON 4-12-2010)
5) Extra Credit--3 pts. Ahh...the forbidden parties...yes, yes I attended my best friends' bachelorette party. What was meant to be a fairly normal girls night out in our home town: (VERY small rural town)Well we did go out, listen to music, karaoke, a "few" drinks...then well, we rode some pigs (local agricultural research had an experiment station with pigs)...yeah not a sober choice nor is it all that common...but it was fun & the photos...priceless

10 total points ;o)

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Meghan Ward said...

I'm commenting here, and I'm a new follower looking to earn some extra credit. I never thought I'd have a bachelorette party, but my friends insisted, and since I'd never been to a strip club I decided that this was my opportunity. We had it at Asia SF, this place in SF with drag queens and strippers. We had a private little room with cocktails and food, and it was a LOT of fun. The best part was this list of things I had to do, including kissing a bartender and spanking one of the bouncers. I never would have completed the list without all those cocktails first!

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Ooh! I'm glad I found you. This looks like fun :)

Comment +1
New follower +1
I will mention in a blog post tomorrow +2
Sidebar link +2
Tweet +1

Total= 7


Laura Marcella said...

The juiciest bachelorette party I attended was my own: my five bridesmaids had me wear 6 candy necklaces and the night couldn't end until all the candy was gone! I know, SCANDALOUS! Mostly my bridesmaids ate the candy, though, haha. I was kind of embarrassed asking random people to eat the candy!

Comment +1
Old Follower +2
Link on sidebar +2
Mentioned in today's blog post +2
Tweeted +1 (@LauraMarcella)
Extra Credit +3

Wahoo 11 points! :)

Happy Tuesday, Lola!

Tara said...

Hey, girl, I'm sorry. My brain is fuzzy and overworked right now.

I think I have 7 points :)
commented, old follower, blogged, side-bar link

This is a great contest, thanks.

Jen said...

Lola dear how did I miss this! Here I am oogling over the hangover pictures and not even paying attention to the fabulous contest you have!!! Thanks to Summer for the blurb or I wouldn't have known!!!!

I would say I commented +1
So of course I'm an old follower!! +2
Linkage is a definite +2
Metioned on blogpost tomorrow for sure! +2
tweeted I'm on it! +1
Extra credit it I'm on that +3

It was actually mine!! Woohoo believe it or not the evening started at a regular old establishment Chilis... my mother and in-laws (INCLUDING GRANDMA) had joined me well halfway through dinner penis necklaces and how big is your husband's penis games started to happen it was embarassing in front of his mother and grandmother I think you can picture my face bright red!!! After that it couldn't have gotten much worse but my wonderful and fun mother but a stripper pole that we all had to dance on... husbands mom and grandma as well... it was mortifying and fun all at the same time...

So thats +11 points love! Ooo I hope I win! I never win and after that dirty secret I hope i do!

Jenna Wallace said...

Loving this contest!

Gimme five... (new follower, comment, and a bachelorette story coming up).

The best party was actually a 'Hen Weekend' for my future-sister-in-law in England. We went for a whole weekend to Brighton...imagine 20 English and Scottish women (and one token American) out on the town wearing pink cowboy hats and feather boas. There are too many moments to cover it all but perhaps the highlight was the private dinner where we were served by a waiter wearing nothing but a (small) apron.

Lisa and Laura said...

Great contest!!!! I LOVE The Hangover. Freaking hilarious.

The juiciest bachelorette party I attended was my friend Tara's. We had WAY too much fun flirting with boys and getting free drinks the entire night. Awesome.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Lola! OMG! How did I nearly miss this?!

old follower +2
commented +1
sidebar +2

At the best bachelorette party I went to, they hired a "homeless" stripper. The bride didn't get the joke and was freaking out because no one would get the crazy homeless guy away from her! Hilarious. :-) +3

= +8 total

Lydia Kang said...

I am a new follower, and I can't tell you about my bachelorette secrets, because there are none. So boring!

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