Thursday, April 15, 2010

Double Tap, and Droolage!

Send the Writer's Hitman after me, because I am being a bad, bad girl.

 I'm now in Advanced Procrastinating mode. 

(*A couple posts down you will find that I am in Revision Hell and have been employing a few all of my Famous Procrastinating Techniques. The comments are worth reading. Apparently YOU all have some creative Justifiable Procrastinating Techniques in your arsenal as well!)

Gone are the Justifiable Procrastination Methods of washing the baseboards, scrubbing all 3 toilettes twice a day, alphabetizing my (thousands of) books, cleaning out the silverware drawer.

That is SO last week.

Monday, I swear, I really did open that ugly 20 pound, 5" thick tome (tomb!) on the PATRIOT Act, took one look at a page full Acronyms From Hell (AFH), written by Satan himself, and promptly fell asleep on page one.
The drool pooling under my cheek woke me up. 
Dude, this sh*t is BO-RING.

Advanced DEFCON 1 Procrastination!
(DEFCON, FYI, stands for DEFense CONdition for the USNF, er, the United States Nuclear Forces)

Whereby I release myself of all guilt and surf the web for Eye Candy! 

(maybe we can justify this as potential character sketch material? research?)

Squeee...Mad Men Hotness! (MMH?), oh man...damn, the things I'd...

...he was so handsome. And these don't even show his best feature.

His blue eyes.

Danny Boy!! (Roxy...are you with me? Your muse has never looked more tasty!)

(I hope the Writer's Hitman, when he comes for me, looks like Danny here.)
These don't show Dan's lovely blue eyes either.

Not the best picture of Ryan, but I just adore him.


Oh Johnny...this is one of my favorite photos of you.

Brandon Boyd! (Tara, you with me, girl?!)

I don't know who this beautiful man is, nor do I know who took this gorgeous photograph.

I found all these photos on random fan or kids tumblr sights, none of them, sadly, had any photo credits.

And for the gentlemen who prefer woman...





Okay, friends, I promise to get back to something literary and intellectual SOON. 
Thanks for being a part of my procrastinating.
If only researching laws on privacy acts was as fun as finding pretty pictures of pretty people!

Tomorrow the WINNER of my WOLF PACK CONTEST (link on my sidebar) shall be announced!!
You still have a few hours left to enter!

Lola Out.


Piedmont Writer said...

Thank you for all the candy. Yummy yum yum. And thanks for reminding us that Marilyn was a size 14. It gives hope to the rest of us. I appreciate your procrastination even though it's not doing a damn thing for you. Love you muchly.

Jen said...

Wait what were we supposed to be focusing on?? Too much eye candy for me to handle all at once!!! I think your procrastination has gotten the better of you... however I'm enjoying it ;)

Yay for the best contest ever!!! I'm praying real hard *closes eyes and makes a wish* Pick Me Pick Me lol... at least I know I'm already in the wolf pack!

Talli Roland said...

Oh, I am so enjoying your procrastination! I think you should procrastinate some more! Wait, I don't want to be an enabler... so maybe just one more day!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, Paul Newman was a gorgeous site to behold!! I showed Cool Hand Luke to a high school class last year (ties in nicely wit The Outsiders), and my girls were absolutely twitterpated! :-)

Wendy Ramer said...

My procrastination technique is reading other people's blogs...thanks for completely entertaining me. Nothing can possibly be as important as appreciating the beauty of human beings (especially those like Newman and Beckham);-)

Candyland said...

Mmm Ryan...
And don't worry, I not only *heart* procrastination, but I recommend it.

Laura Marcella said...

I enjoyed this immensely. That picture of David Beckham...!!!!! You really should procrastinate more often. No, I don't mean that...ok, yes I do. ;o)

Matthew Rush said...

Thank god you ended up going gender neutral ... I was starting to feel awkward.

Summer said...

Wow, that man in the! Just, wow!

I like this form of procrastination!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You caught my interest with that last photo!!!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Now that's the way to procrastinate!!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Thanks for the eye-candy! Have a fab day :)

chris weigand said...

Okay great hunks. You have created a procrastination domino effect. Now i am procrastinating by looking at your great hunks.

Alexandra Crocodile said...

I'm loving your procrastination! And I also adore Johnny and Ryan:)

Aubrie said...

Where is Orlando Bloom? J/k I loved your pictures. :) Good luck with your revisions.

Tess said...

All of a sudden I feel so fat

and pasty

and old

but, it was still fun to look at :)

sarahjayne smythe said...

Wow. I'm pretty sure I had something profound to say in this comment, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. So I'll just go back and stare at the pretty pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - this is definitely the best way to procrastinate :)

Theresa Milstein said...

Wow - you are procrastinating, unless this is "research". I'm sure Roxy will like the DC one.

Portia said...

Ahh, I am procrastinating in my own editorial tasks myself! Thanks for making procrastinating so much fun :-) Now let's play hooky and get some ice cream!

Cheeseboy said...

I'm with Matthew. I kept waiting for the post to get good.

Bane of Anubis said...

This is great -- thanks for stopping by so I could find this place. I like the way you think (as would my 10th grade humanities teacher who loved everything Paul Newman :)

Jon Paul said...

All was going fine until I got to Scarlett. Now ---->I'm<------------ procrastinating!

It's like a fever--a FEVER, I tell ya!

Old Kitty said...

Danny Craig wins all that hands down and is worth procrastinating over, big time. Oh Yes!!!

p.s.I think sometimes just taking a break is good - if you force your writing all will be lost - just howl at the moon, look at Craig the Man and maybe ignore the toilette brushing but just take deep breath and just think: that guy in the tree is fab!


Take care

Lola Sharp said...

The guys that have been around awhile know that I never forget you dudes. I wouldn't put up eye candy for just us girls. That wouldn't be fair.

I'm an equal opportunity procrastinator. ;o)

And I know I messed up by not getting Jessica Alba or Natalie Portman in this post. (I've been informed :) Sorry. Next time.

Bossy Betty said...

I am impressed at your prowess at procrastination! You put my organizing-my-socks to shame!
Nice eye candy! Now I can procrastinate even better!

Lydia Kang said...

You are a gifted procrastinator. I'm impressed. I'm proctrastinating right now, actually.
I can commisserate, I'm in Revision Hell too.
Good luck, and GET BACK TO WORK ;)

Anonymous said...

haha umm I've forgotten what you wrote about! All I have stuck in my head is that tree trunk!! hehe :o)

Lola Sharp said...

Tree man is a very fine specimen indeed! If that isn't art, I don't know what is.

Jemi Fraser said...

Now this is a fun way to procrastinate :)

roxy said...

Wow. Let's hear it for procrastination. (Thanks for the DC pix.) You do have the most evocative blog, Lola. P.S. I hope I didn't offend a couple of days ago with the honesty in writing post. I've changed the title since :)

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, sweet Roxy, no, you didn't offend me at all!

And, of course I thought about you when posting Mr. Craig today.:o)

Lydia--Tomorrow I PROMISE to get back to work.

Lola Sharp said...

Portia--I just ate Ben and Jerry's Double Fudge Brownie!

Tess--Me too. I'm a little longer in the tooth than Megan and Scarlett.

Kazzy said...

Maybe you need to step away from the computer and use pen and paper. Would that help? ;)

Shelley Sly said...

Mmmm I liked this post. ;) Feel free to share your procrastination any time (assuming it always looks this good!)

Jackee said...

LOL! Man, Lola, you've got procrastinating down to an art. Patriotic act... I ask you... :o)

But I'll take those pictures of Paul any day!

Elliot Grace said... the time I scrolled down to "Ass-Man Lodged in Tree Crevice," I actually glanced over my shoulder in order to verify my privacy...rumors tend to spread like angry bees around here:) (and thanks for Katie:)

Lola Sharp said...

Elliot, you kill me! (crevice in a crevice?) Srsly, you never fail to make me laugh.
Sorry if I messed with your manly street cred. ;)

Kazzy--Maybe. BUT, then I'd just go back to scrubbing or weeding. That said, at least those are 'Justifiable' Techniques. Eye Candy is a stretch.

Next book I need to make sure the research is easy.

Susan Fields said...

That's not procrastination, that's a form a research - these guys (and girls) might show up as characters in your next novel. Thanks for sharing!

Paul C said...

Triple tap and titillation.

Anonymous said...

well, thanks for not disappearing during procrastination mode. I always look forward to your posts (and, yes, the pictures). xx

Tara said...

I was with you, until I saw Brandon...then I was...aherm! Yeah, I'm here.

Seriously, what is up with Beckham? I mean, if there really was a mold for men - he came straight freakin' out of it - there's nothing wrong with that man (unless that's a banana in his pocket)!!

I heart eye candy :)

If misery loves company...I haven't even opened my WiP this week *sigh*

Angie Paxton said...

Hey, as long as we get to benefit from the fruits of your procrastination I'm not going to bag on you for not revising. Good luck!

Watery Tart said...

VERY nice procrastination assistance. Thank you for that... And yes... when we need true incentive to go find something ELSE to do, turning to government documents is a sure fire method...

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

Hahaha. Love this post, Lola. I say, if you are gonna procrastinate, you are at least procrastinating in a kick ass way!

Marla said...

Paul Newman....yep

Anonymous said...

I think you just gave me some wonderful inspiration! Well, perhaps it's inspiration for daydreams, but one never knows where those might lead! [And if it's just more day dreaming of Daniel Craig and/or Johnny Depp I'm all sorts of not going to complain about my word count.]

Palindrome said...

You sure do know how to distract a girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow. How did I miss this post?! I'm glad I came swung by a few days late.

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