Monday, April 5, 2010

Cue the Harps, Sausage, and What? What Muffled Screams?

Today we hit 80 perfect degrees (F)! 
A few fluffy clouds, zero humidity, lush green grass, cotton candy cherry trees. 
Heaven on earth. 
An especially lovely gift in early April.

My mood could not have been better, even after I had to shoehorn a pair of shorts on that fit loosely the last time I wore them, back in September-ish. 

(Perhaps I should rethink breakfast dessert.
You don't have breakfast dessert?
 EVERY meal gets dessert.
Today's breakfast was spicy salsa-scrambled eggs and toast, 
followed by leftover bunny cake.)

Anyway, I digress, back to the magical weather today.

Yeah, so, even though it took tools and maneuvering to shove my thighs into my shorts like sausages into casings, it was still all sunbeams and butterflies as I floated and twirled my way outside.

I sprawled out upon my lounge chair, basking in the golden sunshine, 
 laptop under my fingers, silence but the bark of a distant dog and the buzz of a bee,
and I had a moment.

I looked around our beautiful acre, at all the trees and flowers, the gentle breeze in my hair,
 it hit me...
the murder scene I'd been working on is all wrong.
As I leaned my head back to rest on my towel, allowing the sun to warm my face,
I saw the grisly scene play in my mind.
I knew exactly what had to be changed,
and I was joyful!
What a lovely spring day.


PS-- I am ALMOST at 100 FOLLOWERS!! I am floored by this delightful, sudden and unexpected realization!
I think I need to have my first contest, yes? 
BUT it will have to be the most unique, Lola-Style contest EVER in the blogosphere. 
I need to think, think, think at my Thoughtful Spot.
You are worth something interesting.
Because you are full of win!

EDITED--I am over 100 followers!!! Woot!
My pack has grown by...106 wolves.
I am most honored.
Contest coming, followers will get more points!
I love you guys.


Anonymous said...

I bet you have more than 100. I follow lots of blogs & almost never do the official Google follow. So you can probably start celebrating already! Congrats :)

Summer said...

Nothing like a beautiful sunny day to get those murderous thoughts going! :-)

Amy Jo Lavin said...

I'm jealous of your 80 degree weather! We started Spring Break with a snowstorm (Mother Nature's April Fool's joke, I suppose), and it's ending with *another* snowstorm. At least I can live vicariously through your spring day. :)

Thanks for challenging me to write more often. I set up a weekly goal on my blog that includes writing 500 words a day for at least 5 days. Not a lot of words, but certainly manageable. I can do it!

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

lol LOVE IT! We hit 90 today - it was good knowing you Spring! ;o) It was great, although it was odd to sweat I feel like it has been years....

Oh and um :o)

But when I discovered your blog,
I knew you were one of my own.

And my wolf pack, it grew by one.

So were there two... So there
were two of us in the wolf pack.

I was alone first in the pack,
and then you joined in later...

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Stephanie Thornton said...

I'm so jealous of your weather- it's in the 40's here, but I'm glad because the snow is finally melting!

And I'm leaving something for you on my blog!

Lexa said...

I would say I'm mega jealous of your weather, but I guess it just passed on from here to there. It's raining like gross today yuck.
I love how you wrote this post. I got some weird looks for the chuckles I let out as I read. Wonderful!
And congrats on editing your murder scene!

Terresa said...

Our weather was windy & crappy today, a perfect match to my mood.

And funny thing, I thought about grilling up some sausages for dinner tonight (but we had Shepherd's pie instead).

Happy murder scene writing & huzzah for 100!! You're all that & a factory of sunbeams & butterflies. SWAK!

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

I love being a writer, don't you? Who else gets to experience major trauma in their heads while also enjoying the sun and birds and grass?

Elliot Grace said...

...funny, spent Easter Sunday in front of the tube with my oldest, laughing hysterically at Allen & pals for perhaps the 100th(in honor of your quest) time. I can only end this comment by calmly saying "...not at the table Carlos."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had great weather to contemplate a murder scene. We had sunshine and 50 degrees, snow still on the ground, but the it stays light until 10 pm.

Maggie May said...

What a beautiful image!! Marie Antoinette :)

I love those novel satisfying..

Marla said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

It's cold and miserable here. I'm glad you got your murder scene worked out :o)

Piedmont Writer said...

Our weather is supposed to be 90 today. Not fun for me. I'm still shoveling, although I did hit a breakthrough with Genna & Tony so Thursday might prove to be interesting.

And as for shorts, I bought all the ones with the elastic waist and no fit legs. I don't care what I look like here.

sarahjayne smythe said...

OMG! Breakfast desert? You are truly brilliant. :) And I'm jealous of all the lovely weather out there that is not where I am.

Jen said...

The randomness of how things come to a writer is always amazing! Nothing like sunshine and butterflies to get you on point with your murder scene, lol!!!

Can I be part of your wolf pack?

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm not sure about having pudding for breakfast. It's not that I don't like the idea, but I'm suspicious of the effect that it might have on my *ahem* toned physique.

Joanne said...

Don't you love it? If someone says to you as you lounge outside in the sunshing, "What are you doing?" You can answer "Writing!"

DL Hammons said...

I have to say the way your mind works is very entertaining. A beautiful spring day and your thinking which dirction the blood splatter should go. *Grin* For me, the better the weather is the less I write. Give me a cold, wet, blustery day and I can probably pound out half a book.

Paul C said...

Breakfast dessert. Great idea! My wife and I share a muffin with our coffee after our multigrain cereal.

Aubrie said...

I wish I could have breakfast dessert! Right now I have two desserts a day and I'm trying to cut it down to one dessert and fruit instead. But fruit isn't a good dessert!

Shelley Sly said...

I'm with Rebecca -- how awesome is it that you're outside, enjoying the nice sunny weather, and thinking about murder? (As long as it's murder committed on paper and not in real life, then it's awesome.) And breakfast dessert? Thanks for the idea! :D

Laura Marcella said...

Nothing like beautiful weather to inspire a gruesome murder scene! I'm experiencing the same beautiful weather you are, but my apartment complex doesn't have the luxury of a yard. Boo. So I'm content to smush my face against the window screen, ha!

Happy writing, Lola! I'm looking forward to knowing the unique contest you come up with! :)

Falen said...

...breakfast dessert...
I think you may have blown my mind with awesome!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that the idea came to you. I'm totally loving the beautiful weather we have here. Not looking forward to the cool-down coming in a few days. (Yuck.)

Happy 100!

Jen said...

You so made my day!!! I love being in the wolf pack! Oh and I so wish Bradley Cooper was in it with us! What a hunk!

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Enjoy your lovely, sunny day and I think the idea of breakfast dessert is an idea whose time has come. Congrats on figuring out your murder scene - may your inspirations keep coming!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

My daughter has asked, "What's for dessert?" after breakfast since she could crawl. Even if she had a Toaster Strudel and a sippy cup of chocolate milk. Yeah, I'm that mom! We never go without breakfast dessert in our house :))

I want to get a laptop! Waaa! I want to sit in the shade under a tree in the warm breeze, writing. (*sigh*) I want a laptop...and a Toaster Strudel...

Happy Spring Day!

Lola Sharp said...

Jen--Word. *drooling* Lola likey some Mr. Cooper.

E.--Upper 80's today and tomorrow! I'll take it.

Falen--I polished off the last of the bunny cake today. Lunch dessert will have to be peanut butter cups. Not quite as satisfying.

Laura--Aww, face smooshed up to the screen is sad. No courtyard, lawn patch, something? Nearby park? I'd be taking a blanket, my sausage thighs and parking it outside somewhere. My butt is outside even now as I type this.

Shelley--murder and sunshine go together like mac and cheese! :o) Or breakfast and dessert!

Aubrie--Fruit counts, IF it is drizzled, dipped, smothered in chocolate.

Paul--That's what I'm talkin' about. But, I don't share.

DL--By 'entertaining' you mean terrifying? You are always so polite. And.. What good is the sweet sunshine without a little bloodsplatter?


Mo--Pudding? not satisfying enough for me. But, YES, you should be very suspicious. Did you not read the sausage thighs part?

SJS--Sorry about your cold weather. Soon we'll all be companying how hot and humid it is. As for brilliant? When you see me wedging my thighs into my shorts you'll call me something much more accurate.:o)

Anne--I'm not ready for expand-0-lastic shorts yet. But I see them in my future!

Niki--thanks, and sorry about your weather. And, I still keep thinking about you...and those piglets. My heart is broken still. *hugs*

Marla--the thighs, not so exciting. The death scene, yes!

Maggie-- Very satifying. I hope you and biggie pea are feeling well, love.

Paul--SNOW on the ground in April is evil. But light until 10 is kinda awesome. Yin and yang.

Elliot--What a perfect way to spend Easter!! Those of us living under my roof (husband, 14 y.o. daughter , and I) can quote just about the entire movie. Tigers LOVE pepper!

Rebecca--Sunshine and guts, it's a good life indeed! :o)

T--Sorry it's crappy there, how rare. This is like your one bad weather day of the year. And hey, no grilling my fat thighs!! Ouch. SWAK, back at you.

Lexa--Always good to garner weird looks...keeps them on their toes. ;o)

Stephanie--Oh, so many of you still have snow on the ground. Snow is only good at Christmas time. Never good in April. Thanks for the award! :o)

Courtney--oh what a wolf pack we've got!! The damage we can cause! ;o)

Amy Jo--OH MY! Not a funny joke! I'm so glad you are finding a schedule that you can live with. Once you get used to it, you'll find it you go a little batty when you can't write for a day.

Summer--I knew you would get this. The smell of grass and decomp...mmmm!

DW--I really only have one thing to say to you---frito toenail!!! Oh, you just don't know how that changed my life. Good times.

Lola Sharp said...

Elspeth--Amen!:o) Breakfast dessert for everyone!

Nic--can you be MY mom? I'll let you use my macbook? Please?

Anonymous said...

this post gave me a perfect cheshire-cat grin. xx

B. Miller said...

Lola, Lola, Lola. I love your posts! SO much!! I often find myself doing the same thing... thinking of horrifying, grisly things while surrounded by beauty... and smiling happily while I do it.


Thanks for leaving such amazing comments on my blog, BTW. YOU are one of the continuing reasons I post. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, I knew I liked you! Every meal gets dessert... you can be my new best friend. :-)

Talli Roland said...

What, you don't have 100 followers? I'm shocked - your blog is brilliant!

As for breakfast dessert - oh yes. It's necessary. It's required. A breakfast is not a breakfast without a dessert!

Lola Sharp said...

Talli-- I'm over the mark now! :o) and... Dessert for every meal!

Shannon--Yay! Another breakfast dessert BFF!

B--Aww, thanks. I love your blog too. But I hope you post for YOU! *hugs back*

Helen Ginger said...

I love it that you're out in the sunshine lounging in the warmth suddenly see in your mind a gruesome murder. Writers lead the strangest, most interesting lives, don't we?

Straight From Hel

Christine Danek said...

Isn't it amazing when those ideas creep in. Great post! Congrats on 100!

TechnoBabe said...

I can't imagine eighty degrees right now. I did put on shorts today but I felt chilly all day, but I was NOT going to wear sweats one more day!

Watery Tart said...

*snickersnort* Breakfast dessert... BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I wish. I would LOVE to have that leeway. LOVE that serene place taking you to the perfect murder... very poetic!

And congrats on the 100+ followers!

Fabulous blog!

Palindrome said...

My best murdering ideas happen on bright and shiny days!! Yay!!

Congrats on your 100+ followers! You rock!!

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the oodles of followers! Awesomeness itself :)

I just love those moments when your storyline clarifies itself - enjoy that moment!

Old Kitty said...


107 wolves! LOL!

I've decided that writers are all insane.

I am most honoured to be part of your pack, thank you!

p.s. my cat Charlie would like to be an honourary member...!

Take care

Portia said...

Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees truly terrible things when I close my eyes! So glad for your breakthrough! Enjoy the sunshine and the inspiration :-)

G.~ said...

The warmth and the sunshine always offers me better clarity. I love it!

Tahereh said...


you are adorable!

Tara said...

Well, I'm 'down the road' from Anne, so you know what my weather has been. Too flippin' hot! Supposed to rain tomorrow and cool down for the weekend...yes!

Now get on with that murderous rage.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Congrats on going over 100! :) The weather has been beautiful in my world too. Makes me happy.

She Writes said...

Haprps, Sausages, and Muffled Screams? This could have gone anywhere! Even dessert worked well ;). Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I am so following you ^_^

La Belette Rouge said...

Do you have any of that bunny cake left?That would make a lovely dinner for me.;-) Hope you continue to enjoy Spring and the lovely weather!

Susan Fields said...

Congrats on 100! Don't you love when you suddenly realize what's wrong with a particular scene? It's a wonderful feeling!

Our weather has been gorgeous for over a week - I can't believe it's only April!

Kat O'Keeffe said...

Woo! I am follower 111! Awesome :)

And I love love LOVE nice weather. I can't wait for summer when I can lounge on my balcony with my laptop and ice tea and just write for hours!

Kazzy said...

Shoe-horning on your shorts?? ROFL!

I actually was hailed on today, and you had nice warm weather? Jealous much? :(

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