Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In a Zone, Awards Ceremony, Link Love, 10 Things, Lies

 I apologize for being away so long, I've been in a major writing zone, and dealing with the aftermath of last week's Shock and Awe.

In the last 5 days I have been honored to receive lots of awards from some very kind fellow writers!
I didn't prepare a speech, ladies and gents, because who'd've thought? Seriously?
I am humbled and grateful, and perhaps a bit unworthy. Thank you.
I only have time to post one of the awards:

which requires me to list 10 things about myself that you may not know:

1) I am terribly sentimental (emphasis on the mental), and name our automobiles, appliances, plants and other random objects of love. (my MacBook's name is Maxine)

2) I love the BIG box of Crayola crayons...the way they smell, the names of the colors (Mac 'n Cheese orange). I buy a new box once a year, promptly rearrange them in their box into a ROYGBIV rainbow. It makes me happy just looking at it.

3) I will not use a public restroom. I can hold it forever. Dirty bathrooms freak me out. Ew!

4) I am a sucker for a great smile, and blue eyes.

5) I HATE wearing socks. They freak me out. (I never wear them unless I'm skiing or working out with sneakers on.) I cannot watch someone wear socks to bed! Socks against sheets is way worse than fingernails down a chalkboard (to me). I wear mostly flip flops, strappy sandals, high heels, or I go barefoot in the summer....Uggs/boots (no socks), or barefoot around the house in the winter.  

6) I abhor when people talk on their cell phones LOUDLY in public places, especially bookstores, libraries, and restaurants. So rude. Take it outside, please.

7) I love rope swings hanging from trees, cobblestone streets, arched bridges and twinkle lights.

8) I can shuck and eat a raw oyster faster than anyone I've ever met. (LOVE them!)

9)  I have watched every episode of Gilmore Girls hundreds of times. 

10) I cannot speak any other languages. I wish I was fluent in every language. 

I pass the Honest Scrap Award to:

Portia Sisco...I just adore her writerly imagination

Okay, one more...Last one... (I like this one)... The Bald Face Liar Creative Writer Award was given to me by the lovely E.Elle at The Writer's Funhouse ...THANK YOU, E.

According to the rules I am supposed to divulge Six Lies and One Truth, and YOU are supposed to guess which one is true. 

1) I have never broken a bone in my body.

2) I once kissed (only kissed, and only once) Billy Idol. Then I told him to bugger off.

3) I drive a golf cart around my neighborhood with my dog on my lap.

4) I hate the color pink.

5) My first car was an RX7

6) I love cute socks

7) I never lay in the sun because I'm terrified of skin cancer.

Okay, DONE...Whew!!  Have a wonderful week.



sarahjayne smythe said...

Congrats on your awards. So very well deserved. :)

Portia said...

Congrats, and thanks for thinking of me! I loved your list—I am also vehemently opposed to public restrooms. They've often been prominently featured in my nightmares :-)

Summer said...

Congrats on all the awards! You got some goodies!

As for the truths and lies...well, we now know that you don't like socks, so that's definitely the lie...The Billy Idol one could be awesome, but I'm going with #1, never broken a bone, because I haven't and think it's totally truthpossible.

And I heart Gilmore Girls!

DL Hammons said...

DL would like to take time out of his busy evening to congratulate you on your boatload of bright and shiny awards. Additionally, he would like to know how you managed to hack into his webcam?

The bestowing of this award leaves him in debted to you.

He believes your truth is #4.

DL see's your compliment and raises you genuine admiration!!


Susan Fields said...

Congrats on all the awards! Don't you just love the Creative Writer Award? I had a lot of fun coming up with my lies. I think your truth is #7.

Tara said...

What? Gilmore Girls AND alt-rock. We are Soulmates! Thanks for the award chickie. And congrats on all yours.

My husband is the obnoxious person you saw last night at the bookstore yapping loudly on his #$@#ing cell phone. And one day I am going to yank it away from his head and throw it at him. (Okay, I feel better now--a little. Until he does it again.)

If #7 is the not the truth, and you crisp yourself, you are SO getting a lecture from me. My sunscreen rants are as hideous as my hubby's cell phone yelling. Almost. Be warned. But, I have very good reason for it.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on all the awards!! Well deserved :)

Thanks so much for passing Quillfeather my way - he's a handsome little guy (I'm no farmer - it is a he, right?) - and for the kind words - you're a sweetie!

I'm going to say the truth is that you like cute sox even though you never wear them! Just sounds like a fun combination. I'm with you on hating sox by the way - barefoot is the way to go!!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Congrats on the awards- I'm glad to know I'm not the only hoarder! :) And thanks for passing one along!

I adore big boxes of Crayolas. My daughter loves coloring and we have tons of fun with crayons.

Pat Tillett said...

Congrats! that's a lot of bling!
you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I'll say 2) I once kissed (only kissed, and only once) Billy Idol. Then I told him to bugger off. You don't want to know where that guy has been.

Stephen Tremp

Kazzy said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout-out. Being prolific is a dream of mine that I am trying to head toward. :)

And congrats on your own recognition!

Marla said...

Oh, you definately kissed Billy. Congrats on all those awards!

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm amused that you rearrange Crayola boxes into ROYGBIV. But what you should really do is go find a Crayola factory and just do them all, that would be immensely satisfying though tiring I expect.

Piedmont Writer said...

Congratulations on all your awards. That was fantastic.

I'm going to say your truth is Billy Idol because I had a major crush on him back in the day he was young and hot.

Shelley Sly said...

Congrats on all these awards! Well-deserved! And what a fun post to read! :D

I'm going to guess #2 is correct, because I hope it was!

Yvonne said...

Congratulations on all these awards. As a new follower, I look forward to reading more from you.

Talli Roland said...

Congrats on all the awards! I'd love to think that you drive around in golf-cart with a dog on your lap. I do hope that's true!

B. Miller said...

WOW! So many awards! Congrats and kudos! And THANK YOU for my award, Lola! You're awesome!

As for the un-truth, I'm going to pick #6... because you don't wear socks! Yeah, I read the blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your awards, Lola! You totally deserve them. I think I'm going to go with #1 for the truth. And if I'm right, good for you! I wish I could say the same. ;o)

Elana Johnson said...

Holy cow, girl! I bow to your popularity. Congrats on the awards!

Anonymous said...

Lola, thanks for the quillfeather (don't even know what to do...pass it on in a few days?). Love your list of things about yourself...my laptop's called Martha. :) I pretty much ditto you on everything there, except I can't hold my pee. Last year, on a hike, I went inside a wasp-infested outhouse just so that I didn't have to squat behind a tree...I did regret that, though, as I got chased out of there with my pants around my ankles (red welts on my legs)!
I think it's true that you "hate the color pink."

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

The opening paragraph of my post reads pretty much verbatim to yours! Hang in there! The equilibrium is coming!

And thanks for the award! You rock.

Terresa said...

I've been away from blog reading for awhile, too. My kids are on Spring Break for 3 weeks!! (Pull the fork out of my eyeball now, please. That's what year around elementary school does to ya!)

Thanks for the blog award luv. You are a luv, too.

And I'm going to leave your blog page open on my computer all day until I visit every blog that's gotten an award. Looking forward to linking around!!


Erica said...

Hi Lola! Nice to meet ya ;o) Love the title of your blog and congrats on all your awards!! Everyone else too ;o)

Piedmont Writer said...

And you weren't supposed to tell anyone about Juan.

Lola Sharp said...

Anne, I thought it was Paco. My bad. ;o) And...as for the truth...hmmmm...soon I shall reveal the truth.

Erica, Hi! And thanks.

Terresa, THRRE weeks? Man, we only get 5 days, and that includes the weekend. I think the idea of year round school is intriguing. And, you're welcome luv.

Rebecca, I know. And you're welcome.

Folding Fields, YIPES!! (I'll take the bush/tree any day, over a nasty public bathroom.) And you are deserving. You can pass it along whenever you wish. :o)

Elana, Thank you. And pleased to meet you.

Elle, thanks...and you'll find out in the morning.

B, you're very welcome...and deserving. The truth will be revealed tomorrow morning.

Talli,thanks...and...we'll see.

Yvonne, welcome aboard the crazy train...and thank you.

Shelley, thanks darlin'...Hmmmm....

Mo, I'm glad my neurosis amuses. :o)

Marla, thanks...and hmmm...we'll see.

Kazzy, you're most welcome, and deserving. The most prolific blogger I know, in fact. :o) You didn't take a stab at my truth. I bet you would have guessed it.

Stephen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (gotcha!) I know a little of where he's been.;o)

Pat, thank you kind sir.

Stephanie, I'm STILL hoarding a few more awards that I am blessed to have received in the last 48 hours. You're welcome, and deserving.

Jemi, I do believe he is indeed a him. (my mind has thought of at least 3 different ways to be dirty here, but I'll refrain and be ladylike.) YOu are most welcome and deserving.

Tara, dude, I can recite just about every line of G.G. ---love. I miss stars hollow. I mean, a Movie By Kirk is full of awesome and I miss those characters. And... uh oh!

Susan, yes, I enjoyed that award, too. Fun, indeed. And the truth will be revealed soon. :o)

DL, thanks dude. And you are very welcome and deserving. You sure you don't want to fold on that guess?

Summer,Thank you. (I love your name. It' sunshiny.) Soon you will know.

Portia, You're welcome, and deserving. I won't even touch up my lipstick or fluff my hair in a public restroom. Vile.

Sarah Smile (to the tune of Hall and Oats), Thank you. You ALWAYS say the nicest things. I wish I knew how to make an award, because I'd make one just for you.

Yeah, I went upside down/backward here.

Any last guesses(es)?

Have I mentioned that I think you are ALL freaking fabulous?

Chantel said...

Oh dear, I swear I left a sweet thank you and seriously--I think I may be losing it! (or maybe that was when my computer pulled a *freeze* on me...)

Lola, you are the best. Ever.

Hell week here, back soon..... Oh, and I will hook you up on this Friday for the follow! (I can't seem to find your address--e-mail me?)

She Writes said...

Congrats to you and the recipients! I am guessing you avoid the sun for fear of skin cancer?

Maggie May said...

I'm also a huge Gilmore Girls fan! i need to get those on DVD. i'm glad to hear you had a writing streak, let us go, go!

Jen said...

Congratulations on the awards!!! You are fantastic so they are certainly deserved!!!

As for the lies they are fantastic!!! To pick a truth would be quite difficult but I'm going to say #2 because it would be funny!

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