Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 10 Favorite Reads in 2009

As 2009 comes to a close, I am delighted to report (honestly) that I read nearly 400 books in 2009, and wrote one. (This total count does not include the books I read partially for research, or promptly quit due to its poo-ness) This is a personal record (the volume of reading as well as writing a complete first draft of a 90,000 word novel), and I feel pretty proud of both of these accomplishments, especially since I have a young family and a busy schedule.

Some of the (391-ish) books I read were non-fiction, but the overwhelming majority were fiction. A few of the 400 were re-reads (of which I will not count here in my '09 list favorites--though many of the re-reads are on My All Time Favorite Works of Fiction list. I will post that list another day.) and not all are super recent publications (sometimes it takes me a while to get around to them). These are MY favorites that  I read for the first time in '09.  These are the stories that gripped me from the start and stayed with me, that made me feel, and continued to haunt me long after I turned the last page. (I will do my favorite non-fiction list another day...many of them still haunt me as well)

My Favorite Fiction Reads of 2009 (in no particular order):

1) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson
2) The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
3) The Road by Cormac McCarthy
4) In The Woods by Tana French
5) The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
6) The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
7)  I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb
8) The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker
9) Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon
10) The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Monday, December 28, 2009

Words, How I Love Thee. (Or the difference between a book I want to read and a steaming pile of feces)

  While soaking my holiday-plumped body in mango scented bubbles this afternoon, I attempted to read a [most dreadful] new book I received from Santa. My mind, as it so often does when trying to muddle through a shit-bomb of a first chapter, wandered and pondered:

 What makes one string of words a magical, enchanting experience and another a string of turds stuck to my dogs butt? 

What makes me want to throw one book across the room by page 2, or [better yet] conversely, what captivates me, what exactly is it that makes me want to praise the Universe/God/gods/[whatever you want to insert here] for the majestic person who wrote such a sublime story that transports me right out of my mango bath and into their world?

For the record, I am a reading/genre omnivore. Let it be known that I DO enjoy light/fun/funny/raunchy humor/rom-com/romance/action-adventure/mystery/thriller/dystopian/fantasy/sci-fi as much as the next guy/girl, lest you think I'm a snob. (Yes, I do love James Joyce, Tolstoy, Dickens, Hardy, and all the other literary greats...very, very much. Yes, I lean towards literary fiction, and literary magical realism/fantasy, but there are masterpieces and gems in every "category"- and stinky pooh in all of them as well.) Evocative prose and good story-telling is my jam. Even with film, even if it's silly, if it's well-written, I'm in. All in. (The Hangover? Good times!) I love my guilty pleasure reading: I want, no NEED, Stephanie to forget Morelli and get back to gettin' busy with Ranger! Those books have me busting out laughing at every turn, even if I'm sitting in the orthodontist's lobby waiting for my spawn to have her teeth rewired. And Sookie needs to forget that lame-ass Bill once-and-for-all. (I lurve me some Eric.) Interesting characters, great pacing and stories that resonate can overcome a lack of pretty/literary writing any day of the week. But for my time and money, it better have most of the above to be worthy of print. 

 There is a certain RARE magic when nearly every sentence is so perfect, so sublime that one must stop and re-read a passage before moving on...a morsel so savory, so succulent that one must luxuriate in every last chewy bit, extract every flavor before moving on to the next orgasmic bite.
That kind of reading/writing is scarce. But that kind of fine dining isn't how you want to eat for every single meal anyway. But I DO want all my meals and snacks to be tasty. I DONT want to eat from a dirty bedpan/read doo-doo.

So, as I marinated in my bath today, after chucking the [fecal] book across the floor (soon to be recycled; I cannot in good conscience pass it on to another. That would just be bad karma.) I thought about what, in my opinion, makes a book reek of sewage.

So, here is my [incomplete] list of my personal Pet Peeves/Writing Don'ts:

1) If the first paragraph begins with the weather or a dream sequence. You'd better have a SUPER fresh take on it to pull either of those off. They're stale.

2) Lazy/sloppy writing. This covers a lot of territory, and if you have to question what it means, there are  many brilliant books on writing well (please start with the classic The Elements of Style by Strunk and White). But I must mention one of my least favorite lazy-writer habits, most often seen in thriller/suspense novels: Using acronyms without first giving us the long-hand version. Don't assume we know what it stands for. It is annoying and frustrating, and I tend to make something up-- when you say AO, and you mean Arresting Officer, but never bothered to tell us that, well, I tend to think it stands for Asshole Offends, and this Asshole is Out!

3) Overuse of: a favorite word, a favorite phrase, cliche and "style". Yes, we all have our "voice",  slang we are smitten with, favorite words tics and punctuation style. I know my bad habit/echo words/phrases and thus I do a search and replace/delete. (And this is exactly why we have a Rough Draft, and the subsequent REWRITEs/EDITing. And why we have editors.) But I've been seeing pubbed books with some sloppy editing lately.  

I'm not trying to be condescending. Honest. I'm just a humble reader trying to learn how to be a good writer. To learn from other's mistakes.

   Here are just a few of the words I personally don't want to see more than once per book (if that):

a) chagrin/chagrined
b) nefarious
c) Oh. My. God. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. This. Make. It. Stop!! Please. Just. Don't.
d) Enough said. (once per book, enough said.)
e) 'aching/throbbing groin/manhood straining against his pants.' Either find a more original way to say this, or skip it. If you can't write a good, fresh sex scene, don't. Fade to black.
f) manhood. Ew. If you're going to talk about it, don't be coy. Or don't talk about it.
g) exclamation points! What we can use casually in blog posts/social media/texts is different than what works in a story. My rule of thumb is unless it's in dialog, there's almost no reason to use one. And even in dialog, it should be used sparingly, and used in a yell or scream for help or something of that nature. Like: "The house is on fire, GET OUT!" Maybe there should be only a 3-4, at most, in a 400 page novel.

4) Pacing. Something interesting should happen on the very first page, and every page thereafter. I am as enamored with eloquent sentences and skillful metaphors as the next girl, but lush prose or not, you must move the story forward... and maybe blow something up or scalp someone.
(Speaking of scalping, wasn't Inglorious Basterds entertaining?! So damn good. But, there were some scenes that dragged. Example: Before the one dude came out of the tunnel, the hitting of the bat against the wall went on just a little too long. There were several times that happened. Yes, one wants to build up tension and suspense, but it can get weird and LONG. If it doesn't add to the story, move it along.)

Yes, there are exceptions to all the rules. :)

Words are things; and a small drop of ink
Falling like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.
~ Lord Byron, poet (1788-1824)

Happy Reading and Writing,
Thursday, December 24, 2009

Faux Poe Foes and Christmas Cheer

While spending quality time today wrangling dust bunnies and such in preparation for our up-coming Whoville Whobilation complete with Roast Beast ( prime rib), I found myself doing what I often do when doing such chores...getting lost in various nooks and crannies of my grey matter; sundry thoughts of a meaningful and meaningless nature.

First was the brief note to self of how good we have it. My little fam is healthy, happy and financially stable even in this economy. The house is festive and sparkly, the liquor cabinet is well stocked, and Santa's bag is chock full of wish list goodies for all.

But, me being the greedy, indulgent bitch that I am, instead felt a wee bit melancholy. Why? Because I want the impossible. (that is my way, my nature; I am the frog, or scorpion does that little story go again?) Yeah, so, the impossible. I always want it. I want world peace and a cure for cancer. I want an end to hunger and suffering and poverty everywhere. I want all douche bags to stop being so douche-baggy. I want to hit the Mega Millions and buy my beach crib and travel the world.

But, on a smaller scale, though seemingly as impossible... the cherry on top of my Impossible Sundae if you will, I want Gilmore Girls to come back on the telly. With Amy P and all the original writers and cast. I miss the SH. I miss Kirk, and A Movie By Kirk. I miss both faux Poe's. I miss Michele and his ennui and caustic Paris. I miss smart, witty writing that isnt dumbed down, down, down.

So, in closing, my Christmas/Festivus Miracle would be to end all war and hunger and hang out in the SH...impossible.

I'll settle for chocolate cake.

And books.

      May All Your Christmas Miracles come to fruition!
Peace and Love,
Friday, December 18, 2009

Watcha Know About Me? Watcha, Watcha Know? (My Lipgloss Be Poppin)

Happy Holidays(daze?) my homies!

I love (random order):

lush prose
rope swings
cobblestone streets
secret courtyard gardens
twinkle lights
live oaks draped in spanish moss
oyster roasts on the beach
handwritten letters
seaside cottages
street cafes
reading in the bathtub/bed
tree houses
dark chocolate
coffee (cream and sugar please)
chocolate coke-cola cake
flower-boxes spilling with flowers
Anthropologie (the store)
my love-puppy
a good cut, color and blowout
the Big box o' crayola the smell, the names of the colors
vintage typewriters and cameras
arched bridges
vinyl records
my MacBook

I hate:

(that I still get) zits
greed and corruption
dirty bathrooms...ewwww
when people drive slow in the fast lane and stay there
my lack of patience
my lack of computer skills
when my pillow gets hot
that french fries dont count as a healthy vegetable
when people talk (loudly) on their cellphones in bookstores/restaurants/almost anywhere in public...or use them while driving.

socks in bed...ewww

Peace out,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a Nano Winner and Showing Some Book Love

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful; WIP/Nano WordCount; Luddite Loser (but I'll learn!), and Nano-Writers Unite!

I am on track with my WIP (still no title...but maybe looking for something about/with the word "moment(s)"), I am closing in on 40,000 and should go over that today. I will work on it all day Friday and Sat., the goal to be over the 50G mark by Sat. night. I am sure my writing will get sloppier as each hour passes. I found myself turning contractions back into the 2 words today. How you like them apples? (are there shades of grey in cheating?)

Once this month is over, I'd love to stay in touch w/ our Nano/writers group through our blogs. We should all link together and subscribe to each other. (I'm still brand new to this blogging thing, so I dont really know how to do all that...what is RSS feed??) I am fairly analog/old school/Luddite when it comes to doing more than writing an email or writing in Word.

My Thankful (for) List:

1) Kindness and love in all its forms.
2) My gorgeous, smart, healthy kid
3) Our health/wonderful life
4) My puppy, she makes me so happy
5) Our lovely home
6) Books! Well, talented authors, rather. I am so in love and grateful for well written books that make me feel, time travel, world travel, think and see. But I love the actual, tangible books too. I'll never be an e-reader. I love seeing books lined up on my shelves. I love penciling in notes in my margins. I love borrowing and loaning good books. I love reading in the bathtub.
7) As much as I am feeble with technology (luddite = me, remember), I am grateful for the web/net--it makes research so much easier, info at my fingertips is awesome. I also am grateful for so many wonderful blogs out there, people willing to share so much of their lives with us. YOU.

I'm grateful and thankful for so many, many things, and for that, I am thankful.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I hope you have much to be thankful for...and I am thankful for you.

Peace out,
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stuck, Ugly Plot Snags and my famous Procrastinating Techniques

Have you ever noticed how tasks you usually loathe doing, suddenly become rather appealing when there is something you really, REALLY don't want to do?
For example, I made a real dinner last night complete with homemade mashed potatoes (granted, the gravy still came from a jar, and the cranberry sauce came from a can, but still...). For that to happen I had to grocery shop. Hate grocery shopping. It's evil. This morning cleaning the tracks to the sliding door felt critically important, so I did a thorough job. Mt. Washmore is gone; washed and dried and even put way.
I watched a dreadful 80's 'B' action/thriller last night on a movie channel with not one recognizable actor.
Anything, ANYTHING to get out of dealing with my writing snag. I have never attempted a mystery/thriller before, as most of you know, nor did I intend to...the characters just took it there. Now I hit this place where the pacing slowed and a plot hole big enough to drive a semi through live, and to move it forward I have to solve the plot snag I hadnt seen coming. So, not finding a good solution without a major re-write, I have avoided it entirely.

I have been at the 35,000 word count spot for 2 full days, today would make a third.

Today, I am facing the challenge. I came up with a few semi-solutions. One, I have to, no avoiding it, do a small rip-out and re-write: the best friend that was killed has to be killed in a different way and in a different place. That will lose me @ 1-2,000 words, and then gain some back. Yes, a minor change, and I know not the Nano way. But I cant move ahead without it. So I will lose a little time and word count but be semi-able to move forward.
The bigger snag, the big plot hole, I'm still not sure how to fix yet, but CAN move forward to the 50,000 mark without it. For now. I think. I hope. I will just "cheat" and do a drop down, and fill in that spot later. I have a few other drop downs from previous sections to fill in after research. I couldnt really write the scenes w/out the research, so I just blurbed a paragraph about the basics so I wouldnt forget. I have to research lots of political and technical stuff like the Patriot Act and other such issues that will prove time consuming, but must be done to make the scene(s) and story believable.

So, I want to thank Valerie for the "permission" to cheat and allow myself this particular drop down. This drop down will have no blurb, 'cause i dont have me so much as a bitty clue how I'll fill 'er in right now. I need to move forward and this unsticks me. For now. Hopefully it wont really back me into a corner later. It might. Bridge...later.

Note to self: when attempting this type of story, a detailed outline and some prior research would be very helpful indeed. (granted, I didnt know I was writing this genre, or even that political legalese would come up.)
Like I always say (even in this book I'm writing): Fate is a fickle BITCH. So me and Fate are having a little tiff right now. She was winning. But now I'm off to pound out a few thousand pages and show her wazzup. She'll prolly kick my arse in the end anyway, but I will hit the 50,000 mark by Nov. 30th. It will have a beginning, a middle and an end, and be coherent. I will not just type "the the the..." for word count. I will not just do any crazy thing for word count. It has to be organic and true to this story. I really love these characters, and I know I have a few pearls and gems in this story; pieces that I am proud of. I also know I will be spending months in re-writes to fix this baby up.
I want my Nano winner t-shirt. Even though they dont ever have any cute scoop neck "girl' t-shirts.

Am I rambling? Avoiding? Procrastinating? Okay, yeah, bye. Lola out.
Sunday, November 15, 2009

Closing in on 35,000 words

 I know several of you mentioned that you are behind in word count. I hope you found some time this weekend to catch up. You can always use my no-showering system. And, taking your laptop to the toilet with you is yet another way to get in another few words.  ( of course then your laptop is flagged like Costanza's book.)
Make it a great night.
Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nano No-No's and What-If

Todays Word Count ( so far, it is only 2:30 pm here): 31,000
I always look at the 25,000-30,000 mark as being the "half-way to half-way there" point in writing a full sized novel. (the average published novel is roughly 100,000 words)

Many joining in the Nano fun do it to challenge themselves, much like running a marathon, or jumping from a plane, or climbing a mountain; to prove to themselves they can. Others, perhaps those who have long fantasized about being a writer and living the writer's life, give it a whirl to see how they like writing in a routined and disciplined way; to see if they have what it takes to be a writer. Some do it to get back to writing after a long hiatus. Still others do it to help energize their writing momentum, to increase their daily word count and/or force themselves out of any writing rut. Writing can be a solitary life, and this can also prove to be a fun way of networking with other writers. There are many reasons people join in this wild ride, and I applaud them all.

I challenge you to make it across the finish line with me.

For those that started out serious but fell behind (it's not too late!), I offer little gems:

In the words of Yoda:

There is no try, only do.

Or as a dear friend used to say:

You dont gotta like it, you just gotta DO it.

If you are serious about being a writer, this is the month to shit or get off the pot, as they say. A month to practice the sensation, the pressure of being on a deadline.

The beauty of Nano, is that it gives you the freedom to write for speed, without getting hung up on quality or great plot structure. For many that freedom allows them to tap into their storytelling mind and not fret about grammar, lush literary prose, pacing or pesky plots and just write. That alone can be an excellent exercise for those of us who have writing talent and/or no shortage of ideas, but merely need the discipline nudge to write daily, specifically the motivation to hold themselves accountable to 2,000 words/day.

Now as for me, in truth, I don't Nano (using this in verb form) for speed. That freedom doesn't work for me. In fact that very idea gives me cold sweats. Someone mentioned turning off spell check, so they don't get caught in that time-suck of editing (and to rightfully save that editing for next month), so they can hit that word count. It's an awesome tip. I wish I could do that.  I would go in to convulsions and foam at the mouth. I am anal about editing at least a bit, as I go, on myWIP's. (Which is why I am slow and have to work twice as long.) Re-reading, editing, and mini-rewrites as I go along is part of my process. It helps me see where I am, and to see where I am going. I'm a one-step-back-two-steps-forward kind of writer, even during November. It works for me. (plus I know it will save me time later).

Whatever your reason(s), and whatever your process, I challenge you to catch up on your word count this weekend. 

Think how good you will feel if you "win" and have your 50,000 word bones of a novel at the end of this month.

*By the way, I clearly am NOT anal about my blog posts, I never edit these posts. I go for speed here. Isnt that odd that it doesnt bother me that they are loaded with sloppy errors, but yet I cant do that while writing novels?? I told you I have issues.

xo Lola
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In A Groove; 25,000 Words and Bathed!

I think that said it all.
 Must sleep now.
xo Lola
Sunday, November 8, 2009

No Neil, Ostriches, Frye Pod-People, and Closing in on 17,000

Happy Sunday. I'm taking a quick breather from my story writing to write here instead.

We spent a perfect autumn day in NYC yesterday. We just did SoHo and the Village, did our part to help the economy. Ate, shopped, and strolled. The kid got a few designer pieces.

I took pictures in the soho/village Anthropologie (where I could just live...this one is so much better than the others I have been in. The one in Philly, Rittenhouse Sq., is also nice, but nowhere near as yummy as the one down in the village) of the most awesome art/statuary EVER. (maybe yours has one too?) It is two HUGE ( life size) ostriches made out of pages of books. Each piece of a page is a feather. I will download and share some time this week. if they came out. I only had my little crappy camera with me. Anyway, they always do great displays, but since it was made from books, or pages of books rather, I really fancied it.

If I saw one woman wearing Frye boots yesterday in NYC, I saw a thousand. No, more than a thousand. Seriously, every single woman was wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots, and at least 80% wore brown Frye boots. ( another 15-19% were black and heeled boots, with the remaining boot stragglers in Uggs, Fuggs, and only one pair of the village!) And everyone had their pashmina scarves looped through and tucked just so. It was a little pod-people for the village and even soho. Very little, zero perhaps, unique attire was seen by me, except a couple models in the middle of a photo shoot wearing odd colored lipstick =  yellow and blue. (will try and post those pix too)

Neil got bumped, due to the sad Fort Hood shooting rampage.
Hopefully nothing more tragic will happen, it is so upsetting.
And hopefully he will be on next week.

Lastly, the word count is going well today, in spite of company (sacred football day) and the cleaning one must do to have said company. But since I've only had the last hour to write, I've cranked out over a 1,000 words and it aint bedtime yet. I'm pleased with the way the characters are having their wicked way with me. They are keeping my fingers typing at a nice clip. I'm sure somewhere around 30,000 I'll hit a burnout point, hope not, but just keepin' it real. When/if it happens, I'll just shove through it. I'll make them do something and they'll have to wake up and talk if they dont want me killing them off.

Let me know how you are doing on your story.

Peace out,
Friday, November 6, 2009

10,000 words...raise the roof!! (And Neil News)

Good morning my fellow writing masochists, how art thou?

Yesterday (Thursday) I went over the 10,000 word mark! Huzzah! Can I get a woot woot!

I celebrated by taking a Silkwood shower.  (Thought you might wonder why the air quality suddenly improved last night.)

Today (friday) I will churn out as much as I possibly can; it will be a non-stop writing flight from now until bedtime. There will be mental self-flogging, actual coffee injecting and much candy eating involved. But no shower. I'm good for a few days now, right? (Apple needs to invent a waterproof macbook!)

Tomorrow (saturday) we will be doing a day trip to Manhattan to shop and eat-- and so the child knows I do walk among the living. Anyway, I wont be able to do any writing tomorrow, so I must "bank" word count today to offset tomorrow's void.

Sunday Awesomeness (at least for the States...): Neil Gaiman will be on CBS Sunday Morning show. (Love me some Neil.) My Tivo is set. Go set yours.

I'll try to Polyvore with you all on Sunday, K?

I still need to put the handy-dandy-word-o-matic-o-meter-thingy on here.
And update my word count on Nano.
But first, I'm going to go crank out 5,000 words.

Pardon all typos in these posts...I'm just going for speed here folks. Brain cells are long gone.

Write on, friends, write on.
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Word Count, Personal Hygiene, and Other Disasters

Just thought I'd share some gory details on the road to hell writing an entire novel (rough draft) in 30 days. First, 50,000 words is not an entire novel, so insane woman-beast that I am, I have challenged myself to try and average 3,000 words per day. This will give me a solid rough draft to fill and and edit after the month is over. My goal is to have it polished and spit-shined by the end of January (we have those pesky holidays in the midst), a nice clean 100,000 word manuscript complete and ready to sail by the end of January.

Let's recap:
 I didn't have a single idea/blurb/clue/thought about what I was going to write about as late at 6:30 pm. on Sunday Nov. 1st.

The story that has evolved is not a genre I have ever attempted before, nor what I started out attempting in the first place. My literary fiction has turned into a bit of a suspenseful murder mystery, with some political thriller-ness to it. That couldn't be more distant from my comfort zone or knowledge base. There will be lots of research to do after Nov. is over; many pieces of the story to fill in and repair with more plausible details. I am having a great deal of fun and angst with it.

I am currently over 6,000 words, have a decent idea of where it is all going to end, and how it will get there. A mental outline, if you will. I am in love with my characters, the story is keeping me interested and typing, typing, typing. But, as is my habit, there is some editing as I go, which slows me down. I know that is not the nano-way, but it is the only way my little pea brain will let me move forward. It (brain) only moves me forward after moving backwards bunches of times. It likes to re-read, re-word, re-phrase, re-think.

I'm a couple baths/showers short of smelling or looking fresh.

I am several thousand words short of MY goal, but by tonight I will be right on target for nano's daily word count goal. By the end of Nov., I will have reached MY goal, of this I am confident.

We are living off pizza delivery.
I am existing by day on coffee and leftover Halloween candy.

Write on.
Friday, October 30, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

 After some rather mad preemptive housecleaning this morning (my cleaning playlist for today below), I decided the best thing to do to prepare for an insane November writing and holiday schedule, is to flop on the couch all afternoon and into the evening wearing my pj's and watch some of my very favorite happy movies. It was a perfect rainy day for my little movie festival for one.

  Finally, after 3 films, I thought I was feeling bed sores coming on... plus eating junk all day surely wasn't healthy or filling, so I pried my arse off the sofa and ordered a pizza. Still not particularly healthy, but oh-so satisfying. Popcorn and Reeses peanut butter cups only go so far. Pizza has substance.

Somehow, I ended up back on the couch flipping through our thousands of channels (we have the dish) and on HBO or one of the movie channels I landed on a movie called P.S. I Love You. If you havent seen it, it is so damn depressing. I sobbed and will never watch that movie again. That said, Gerard Butler never looked so good, and his!!!

The child came home to find me still in my jammies, sobbing, with a pile of used tissues and pizza crumbs next to me.  She just smiled sweetly, hugged me, plopped a kiss atop my head and fetched herself a slice of pizza. She knows I can cry watching a commercial (sarah mcclaughlin and the spca anyone??). She's met me before.

This is how I prepared for  NaNoWriMo.  I did NOTHING. Which I never do. It felt great. Very relaxing.
Well, I did clean for 3 straight, sweaty hours in the morning. So,in fairness, I did totally do something. Then I did nothing.

P.S. While cleaning this morning I listened to:

Owl City
Landon Pigg
Brand New

Happy Halloween!!
XO Lola
Saturday, October 24, 2009

NaNoWriMo & this blog

 Today I started this blog and signed up for NaNoWriMo. Yep, 50,000 words in the month of November. I'm excited.
I'm excited and a little terrified.
Speed writing is not my warm and fuzzy comfort zone. You see, I'm a girl of very little brain and prefer to go and sit in my thoughtful spot and let my ideas and plot lines ferment in my fluffy head and then brew a little more in an old-school spiral notebook, all messy and scribbled in my scatch as I think, think, think.
These thoughts take time you know.
Then there are days of (time wasting) research aka Googling that needs to be done. There are lists to be made, playlists to create, characters to flesh out on notecards or sticky notes, and so on.

 Fast food writing, if you will, when I fancy myself more of a multi-course, fine dining kind of writer, well you can see where this will be a challenge for me. Thus, the loose bowels and sweaty palms at the mere thought of what I just committed myself to.
 My thoughtful spot feels more like an outpatient mental health facility now.
 I just ordered up a big old plate of crazy with a heaping side of crazy.

 In the words of Oingo Boingo (oh, and yeah, FDR might have mentioned it too), there's nothing to fear but fear itself.

I wonder if coffee sales go up in November?

On another note, I love lists. I (dys)function my life by lists. I make several lists a day. Garden variety lists, creative list, grocery lists, errand lists, TBR (to be read) lists, music lists, lists so I do things in the best prioritized order... and mostly "dont forget" lists,  you know so I dont forget things. Yet, somehow I always forget my grocery list at home when I go shopping. No laundry detergent, but hey, there's enough yogurt for a whole commune.
I have issues. I have a list of my issues. Fear not, I will not be sharing them with you.

Today's Random List--

Someday Soon
1) I'll organize my closet
2) I'll travel and write my way through Europe
3) I'll read the entire works of Shakespeare in order
4) I'll dust of my treadmill that currently is sporting a hanging shirt and mocking my thighs.
5) I'll eat less sugar and more veggies.
6) I'll forgive myself for not sticking with # 4 and # 5...especially during the aforementioned crazy month of November.
7) I'll live beach front again
8) Someone will go with me to see the Rockettes and ice skate in Central Park during a light snowfall
9) Beach people will stop trying to call nasty cockroaches "palmetto bugs".
10) I'll stop eating Coco Puffs for breakfast every morning. Or not. (whatever the age cut-off to age appropriate coco puff eating is, I assure you, I am well past it.)
11) I will have matured enough to not want to bitch-slap my laptop every time the stupid spinning rainbow beachball craps all over my mojo. I really hate that ball.
12) I'll own a pink plastic Holga. (Santa, are you listening?)
13) I can't end my list on this number, or the house might cave on me while I tried to sleep. Issues, I know.
14) No child will be hungry or in pain or unloved.

XO ~Lola

May your pen be mighty

May your pen be mighty

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not all who wander are lost

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